Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Vincents 1/10 today, some difference in a couple of years.

3/4 years ago it would’ve been close to even money


Both pushing and shoving eachother but there was no need for him to do what he done. Should’ve been showing the line.


Very true craobh also missing some players to 3/4 from there last game against cuala.


Fair enough, I wasn’t trying to diminish Craobh’s win in any way.


Agree, straight red merited for that. Might even have got a second yellow a couple of minutes later for fouling when chasing after a breaking NaF player. Anyways Dalo took him off after that.

NaF peno came from a free given for a silly pull in a nothing situation. Couple of bits of indiscipline to mar an otherwise organised and solid performance from them.


Squeaky bum time in Group 4 today! What ya reckon, Crumlin to plug the 22 point deficit??? Noticed an odds shift on PP, a few from BSJ have backed themselves again I’m thinking!

I was out in Lucan on Tuesday, and they were putting in a serious session, reckon that’s a foregone conclusion with no mistakes!


Sat predictions

Vins to beat otooles by 12
Jude’s to best raheny by 10
Balinteer to beat crumlin by 5
Lucan to beat setenta by 15




Any neutrals heading to o Toole Park?


Ino you weren’t tayto just from the games I seen in the championship this year both were missing a couple of regulars. Two good games all the same Wednesday night.




BSJ coming on back of winning league last week.


Any score in lucan game


8-7 to lucan ht


Bsj winning at ht 1-11 to 1-4… No details I couldn’t make the match!


Poor conditions?


What’s latest in Lucan game



Some comeback from crumlin