Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Dreadful carry on. Amateur nonsense from a club that has no excuse for this kind of carry on.


He started FF but moved out CF. Lovely goal from there coming onto a breaking ball and driving it low back across the goal. Second barr’s goal from another break of a high long ball in. Whitehall done all the hurling in first half but barrs right back in it.



What was???


I think he means Na Fianna not submitting a team to the programme. Agree with you there Alan.


And the ccc just sent out the championship regulations to the clubs this week, so a €200 fine is on the way to Mobhi road.

Good result for Whitehall, some really good minors are coming through their ranks each year. Seen them in the earlier rounds against crokes and we’re unlucky to be beaten by 9 points in the end.


No team sheet from NaF



Not to take anything away from Craobh who deserved their win but having seen both games Brigids were missing a good few compared to that Cuala game.



Who were Brigids missing only two I noticed was Paul winters and cian o Sullivan.
Whitehall were excellent tonight was very impressed with them deserved the win throughout.
Second game wasn’t to bad crokes kept the board thinking over with some nice scores na fianna just seem physically not ready yet but they will get there, Seanie McGrath very lucky to stay on the field tonight dunno what the linesman seen, booking Paul to was very strange bottled it in my eyes , anyone no who the linesman was on the stand side in the second half?


They won’t be bothered, Metro North are paying that


Na Fianna clearly not there yet. Winner will definitely come from the south side big three this year with Boden being my favourites.


I think Boden will do it this year, but cuala crokes and Vincent’s for me will have something to say about that.


Chris Mooney was the linesman and couldn’t have not seen it, red all day. The same linesman that is on the national referee panel representing Dublin.
Na Fianna goal at the end made it seem a lot closer than it really was. NF kept in it by frees really in the 2nd half.


Straight red in my eyes and everyone in the stands think he didn’t want to upset Mr Daly by sending seanie off bottled it comepletly.


How did Costello and O’Donnell do?


Was it totally unprovoked (which I would seriously doubt) ?


IS Niall O’Donnell Another brother?


Two important players for them to be fair