Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Only got in for end of first match so couldnt say who played well. Second match was a high standard good tough skillful hurling. For Cuala Treacy at win back was very good…o connell in patches played well as did D Treacy and they played good intelligent hurling partucularly in the first half. For Boden Paul Ryan put over some great scores as did niall ryan…durkan and lambert were good at times as was their number 7 whose name escapes me.

Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Stephen O’Connor?


Yes thats the one.


Update on the lay of the land:


Report on last night’s matches:



Would I be right to say Craobh are finished hurling till mid February early March. Also 3 others with no hurling for 5 to 6 months , I don’t have a solution but it seems mad.


Jaysus never thought of it like that


That’s nuts.


The only solutions to that is play the whole championship from September on or play no league games in July and August


Here’s a random question. Can you bring a pram into Parnell Park?


Dont want to pay for misses, we understand… Yes ya can


It’ll be me in the pram!!


I believe so now.
It used to be forbidden but when Jim gavin brought o murchan onto football panel, county board had to change rules so he could make training.


Costello togging out for Whitehall tonight


Good man Cormac!


Yup, just go to the turnstiles as normal they’ll give you a ticket to bring to the bottom gate so you can get in with the pram


Is dillons fit for Barr’s?


That’s a yes then


Big win for Whitehall. 4-20 to 2-14.



Huge potential in that Whitehall team with some really quality 18/19 year olds coming through. How did Costello get on? Still breaks my heart that he isn’t hurling with Dublin…outrageous talent.