Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


I hope Gilroy will have someone practicing penalties - we never score them.


1-16 to 0-12 now into the last 10 mins


All over 1-18 to 0-14



Thanks fo the updates parish & the write up Steve, so league form held true enough in this one. Although not close to cuala strongest selection.


Thanks for that report. Great win for Craobh. They deserve huge credit how year after year they keep producing results in the demographic of where they are. Young Ryan sounds a good prospect. Boden winning not a surprise looking at who Cuala were missing but they too are going well based on results. Who do they play now?


Any stand out players on show last night?


He was very good for the u17s last year, scored 1-03 in the leinster final v kilkenny and i think he got 6 from play in the semi v wexford. Good to hear he’s going well for Craobh.


I’m not 100% how it works out but I think it’s Cuala v Lucan (if Lucan beat Setanta at the weekend).


let us know when the full reports are up @steveyblue


Unless Cuala get a few back Lucan could be a serious problem.


2 good games last night. Bridgets gone backwards from their 1/4 display v cuala last year. Craobh look leaner, fitter and more dogged in the tackle than I’ve seen them for many a year. The young fella in the corner is a tidy bit of stuff and the cf could be a real handful in the future if he works on his fitness, first touch and decision making. Cuala v boden was shadowboxing at its finest,with boden showing more of their hand. Bodens need was greater, new set up, on a roll ect, while cuala seemed happy enough to give their fringe players some gametime. Seven of their starting 15 were missing, which is considerable, so i wouldnt be getting too carried away if i were in the boden camp.
Word has it that there are a few cuala lads who might be touch and go for the 1/4s so while they are still the team to beat, not everything is as positive as last year.


Senior hurling championship has never been as strong as it is now.

Na Fianna

All very good sides


Flip boden and Cuala and Lucan and Judes and that’s the favourites order I’d have them in.


What age is David Curtin now?


No too sure, but i believe he’s due a birthday card from the president on his next birthday.


38 this month


still playing away in midfield, fair play to him!


Great bit of stuff.


I’d be fairly sure we’ll have at least 5 back from the 7 who were missing last night.