Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Love a bit championship! Will get to as many games as possible.
Wednesday looks a tasty 2 games, Friday should be good too with NaFianna nearly pipping Crokes last year and hopefully O’Tooles try to put some respect to their season and push vinnies
Agreed, seems like an age we’ve waited


Half time in the Nell. Craobh 2.8 Brigids 1.8
Craobh should possibly be further ahead. They are tidier with the ball.


Half time croabh 2.08 brigids 1.08. Brigids are getting more into the game now some great scores from the parish uptill now though.


Brigids 2 points up after a goal and point from Eoghan Dunne.


The Craobh will never die! Craobh 3.14
Brigids 2.12. Game over.


Thanks for updates


Craobh bring a couple of players through per year and stay competitive may not trouble the bodens or cuala at the business end of championship but will stay senior A


Croabh worth every point, I do t know how they do it year in year out. It was how hurling should be played, balls to the wall, grip it and rip it!


A few more Billy Ryan’s would do the trick!


Billy and Conor Ryan are typical Craobh players very skilful small and very competitive


No Keaney for Boden

This game could be closer than people think and Cuala won’t be beaten easily.


I wonder why Moran and Schutte are 29 and 30. Injured?


Schutte was probably on the beer the last few days


Ah yes. Makes sense!


7 points to 2 in favour of Cuala. Parish I’ve to head. Will you keep us updated please?



1-4 to 0-7


1-7 to 0-8 now to boden

Boden have outscored them 1-5 to 0-1 in last 10 mins or so


Have high hopes for the Ryan’s.

O’connell And Sean Tracy half backs is surprising. Did they line out like that?


Half time

Boden 1- 10
Cuala 0-10


Boden 1-14
Cuala 0-11

Treacy missed a penalty at the start of the 2nd half.