Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Would agree with that.


Fixing injuries


From what I’ve heard those players will be back next week as will Shutte and Con. Different Cuala team then.


Some will.
But some wont. And those coming back have no hurling since march.
Im not saying they’re a spent force, but they’re already through, Boden game will be a stepping stone in them targeting full recovery for QF onwards


will be very interested to see how they get on v boden. Think you’re right that the result is secondary, they need a decent performance.


I think boden will win this one but may be a different out come if they meet later in the championship


My point exactly


Got Boden at 5/1 about a month ago


Hard to see how they are priced better than Crokes and Vins.


Would they not have more proven hurlers than either crokes or vins?


Maybe 3/4 years ago but Crokes have nearly won and won a championship in last 4 years. I’d also have Na Fianna and Lucan up there with them. Only an opinion though.


It’s actually a great competitive champ from the QF onwards


Bookies make the prices based on where the money is landing. Money going on a team will reduce the Odds. Simple stuff really as the bookies don’t have Hurling experts watching the form.


Personally I think ballyboden will win the championship this year they are playing well and are getting better as the weeks go on


I can’t see it. Crokes/Cuala for me. It would be some turnaround for Boden to go from not getting past quarter finals to win it. I rate Joe Fortune very highly but I just think he went there a year or two too late to win it.
If we can have that competitiveness we all speak of it only adds to positives for Gilroy etc for the year ahead and possibly a few new names.


Na Fianna at 16/1 a great bet also imo. Third of odds if they reach the final.


if fortune can win it with boden, it will sure bolster his CV. Have a lot of quality but wonder about their older legs in the blitz format this will be played off in.


On paper, they’re very strong, the opposite of Boden though, very young team overall. But a lot of serious quality forwards which is unusual.


Is there not two weeks between games, hurling week, football week hurling week etc.


A few good matches ahead this week. Seems a lifetime since last hurling championship games. Won’t make the midweek ones with work so hopefully posters on here can keep us in the loop. Looking forward to Na Fianna and Crokes on Friday.