Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Think football championship is that weekend.


Hurling championship is the week after the AI final. Football championship back the following week.


What are the fixtures … so lazy i know!



(nice one Tallaght!)


Cuala v boden could be fun! … Crokes v NaFianna juicy also


Vincents v O’Tooles - by at least 7/8
Judes v Raheny - by at least 6/7
Finbarrs v Whitehall - close by 2/3
Crokes v Na Fianna - very close. No more than 2
Craobh v Brigids - close by no more than 4
Cuala v Boden - could be close but possibly boden by 5 purely based on momentum.
Ballinteer v Crumlin - not a lot in this 2/3 maybe
Lucan v Setanta - slaughter house!!


“Lucan v Setanta - slaughter house !!”

Same was thought about Crumlin v Setanta…


Lets be honest.
Lucan & Crumlin are on a different level.
Did u see what Setanta conceeded on the AHL2 thread last night?

Lucan will win that by probably 15points


If Crumlin beat BSJ, and Setanta lose by less than 22pts they go through.
Did you see the scores in Cuala’s last few league games?
Champo is different.


yea suspect league form might not count for much in a couple of weeks but how much can cuala turn it on like a tap?


Think they’ll turn it on in Champo and last leagues games. Think they need to win all remaining league to stay up.




Boden will put them to the testo … although they’re both already through


Looking forward to this. Think Boden & NAF are dark horses. Makes quarters very interesting, think both will want to top group as 2nd place will face Lucan.


not that dark, would have them up there with Cuala and crokes, Lucan and vins will cause problems as well. Judes could trip someone up also.


When you put it like that. Setanta have a great chance of going through


Agree with most there except I think Craobh could beat Brigids and Setanta will do better than that imo. Boden Cuala will or should be a cracking game.


Cuala will still be missing a few players who have spent the summer in rehab…
Setanta are way off form…

I agree league form vrs champ etc etc… but are ya’s telling me it means nothing? Boden are flying in confidence and are a physical team too.
They’ll beat Cuala


Must have overdone the All Ireland victory celebrations.