Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


That’s quite hard to read. Instead of a fancy graphic on twitter a bog standard list on the website would be easier to read and find.

Senior A Hurling Championship Group 1
St Vincents v Raheny Parnell Park 7/4/18 16:00
O Tooles v St Judes O Toole Park 7/4/18 16:00
Raheny v O Tooles Parnell Park 19/4/18 20:15
St Vincents v St Judes Parnell Park 21/4/18 17:45
St Vincents v O’Tooles TBC TBC TBC
Raheny v St Judes TBC TBC TBC
Senior A Hurling Championship Group 2
Na Fianna v Whitehall Colmcille Parnell Park 5/4/18 18:45
Kilmacud Crokes v Naomh Fionnbarra Parnell Park 5/4/18 20:15
Naomh Fionnbarra v Na Fianna Parnell Park 19/4/18 18:45
Kilmacud Crokes v Whitehall Colmcille O Toole Park 20/4/18 18:45
Kilmacud Crokes v Na Fianna TBC TBC TBC
Naomh Fionnbarra v Whitehall Colmcille TBC TBC TBC
Senior A Hurling Championship Group 3
Cuala v St Brigids Parnell Park 7/4/18 17:45
Ballyboden St Endas v Craobh Chiarain O Toole Park 7/4/18 17:45
St Brigids v Ballyboden St Endas O Toole Park 19/4/18 18:45
Craobh Chiarain v Cuala Parnell Park 21/4/18 16:00
Cuala v Ballyboden St Endas TBC TBC TBC
St Brigids v Craobh Chiarain TBC TBC TBC
Senior A Hurling Championship Group 4
Lucan Sarsfields v Crumlin O Toole Park 8/4/18 14:15
Setanta v Ballinteer St Johns O Toole Park 8/4/18 16:00
Ballinteer St Johns v Lucan Sarsfields O Toole Park 21/4/18 16:00
Crumlin v Setanta O Toole Park 21/4/18 17:45
Lucan Sarsfields v Setanta TBC TBC TBC
Crumlin v Ballinteer St Johns TBC TBC TBC


thanks @TheParish


Can see you beating O Tooles @TheParish


Very clearly on the website hill16.ie


Have the Arturs finished with O Tooles? I know they were playing with Louth


They weren’t in the fixtures section.

If you select senior championship from the drop down it says “Sorry, No Competitions Found
Please Remove a Filter Above!”

Maybe I’m still half asleep but where are you getting them very clearly on the website? I can find all sort of football fixtures on the homepage, can;t see any links to the hurling champsionship?


I see for the last Louth games their club was listed as the Clare one.


If you search by date you’ll find the fixtures. Start date of April 5th. Or else just scroll through the pages until you find them.


O Tooles going to struggle big time I’d say


Ye they’re not there for some reason but if you go into all upcoming fixtures and click on each group you can see the fixtures beside the tables & results tab etc


Gone as far as I know.


Thanks yea - found my way to them, usually the other way works - must be a bug.


Raheny wont go down without a fight thats for sure, watching them last season as a neutral spectator, they just work and work and work. grind teams down and because they have the fitness finish teams off in the dying minutes. championship final last year was a prime example of that, never stopped once and got the win. Defo a dark horse going into that group.


Those Arthur’s boys connection with Louth is a bit tenuous. Some local hurling guys not in love with it.


Long shot, but Cuala could struggle to get past the group stage. I think Brigids could run them very close next week. Is Kenny still in charge? His interview postgame last week seemed to suggest he may head on. They’ll need a few weeks rest - so will be interesting to see.


IT sounded like a farewell speech for sure. Although maybe he was commenting just because retaining the thing is so rare, they really have joined a very select group of clubs.

Think brigids have a great chance of a upset, surely cuala have been celebrating hard.


I’d imagine their parents or something like alot of players have no? I thought Louth would have be glad to have them, havent excactly a huge pool to pick from


They qualify because they live there (well, allegedly) and the weaker counties can have 5 outside players who can play club outside the county once they live in it. But it’s alleged they have Seanie Johnson type addresses, so some are not overly happy with it.


If I remember correctly, that was a serious clash last year so don’t think there is too much love between them. Could be well woth the entry fee to see it.