Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


The worst competition format in the history of the WORLD… Its after dragging all the rest down with it! May as well go back to straight knock out!


And I still have the bent fingers to prove it!






Caught that on youTube, good stuff.


And thats why we’re coached to put the hurl up


ARE eir showing any of the shc this year?


Say know nearer the time in relation to what games they will show from where but they are definitely showing club games over next few months anyway.


Great. Finally bought a gaff so can switch provider.


Is it true you’ve moved in with a mother of 7 kids???


Congrats Tayto. In Cawrk? Condolences.


Congrats on the gaff. When is the house warming?


You kept it quiet while there was still a chance of a Cork v Dublin Super 8 game in PUiC.


Masquerade Party so everyone can still stay anonymous :joy:


Congrats Tayto. Best of luck with it.


Thanks lads, hoping to close it soon.


Best of luck with it @Tayto


Thanks Dubby.

Think the rest of the SHC is going to be really competitive this year. NaFianna and Boden putting up big scores in the league, Cualas form is terrible but they’re not giving it priority you suspect. Crokes having won the 7s will be there or thereabouts. Vins will be strong as well. Lucan have good players and are usually not far off the pace.


When will the club champo start again.
Presuming the football is decided on Sunday will tbe hurling champo be on the week 16/17th sept


8th September next round is down for on website.