Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Footballers no. Hurlers have had 2 handy games but I don’t think they’ll go beyond the quarter finals.


Sure we’ll see how it goes. As long as they improve with each game you’d never know



Boden and Cuala still have to meet in Group 3


Finish off qualification is the inference. It’s clarified in the first line of the article.




Keith Connolly hit it.





Agree totally so many teams out in April after 2 league games madness . And football the same . Play 1 round what’s the massive rush play more league in april then all teams have championship to look forward to .


Total logic to everything in that article. Seeding definitely required.


Watching the highlights of Cuala and Ciarans there on YouTube.

Moran puts his hand up and the big number 18 for Croabh nearly took it clean off.

Doesn’t matter who you are you , a stray hand like that in a crowd hungry Croabh lads will rarely end well


What about o Riain Broin, scores 7 , 6 from play


scully all day :joy: hes quality




Very good programme :+1:
Must subscibe to it.Well worth a fiver