Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Great win, I feared the worst after drawing the form line through O Tooles and raheny.

Theres life on the northside left


There through 2mora now top four team as I said


Setanta 3.16 Crumlin 2.14, serious comeback.


Great win for Setanta delighted for them well deserved for the work they do for such a small club thought craobh gave a good account of themselves today Cuala missing a few plyers but we’re still strong all over the pitch poor first half from craobh seems to have cost them but they can be proud of there efforts today


I hope someone enjoys doing the permutations for group 4 for the next game in SEPTEMBER, as mentioned earlier in the thread, someone can win the Championship after losing twice in their group!

Oh and well done Setanta. Deserved win.


I knock the quality of setanta on this thread.

Very happy to eat humble pie on this occasion.

Unreal work and dedication gone in to a result like tonight, enjoy it lads

You’re a credit to Ballymun


Great win for Setanta. A great club with some really passionate hurling people.
What’s going on in Crumlin? They were so unlucky last year to lose out with fine performances.


Also if anyone on here has an issue with paying the €5 subscription to grassroots gaa.

Enjoy reading Niall scully talking about picking ice cream sticks out of his hole and relating it Con scoring a goal


That’ll be a fiver well spent :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:



Through alright and deserved on the night.
Would fancy our chances if tyerevis an again, a woeful 1st half and s storming last quarter.

Are Vins top 4 … I’ll leave others judge


Fantastic result for Setanta delighted for them. Might be a sore head or two in ballymun tomorrow!


Seán McClelland scored three magnificent points from well inside his own half in the second half.


A little surprised at Vincent’s win considering the 5 or 6 lads that are missing but delighted all the same. I feared the spurned chances in the first half might come back to haunt them in the second, but they survived when it counted. Playing 3 in Midfield and man marking Danny Sutcliffe worked very well in the first half.
Excellent result for Setanta by the way, hats off to whoever tipped them above earlier in the week.



Keeps asking me to log in even though I’m logged in? Only report its doing that.


If there is an again as you put it, Vincent’s are likely to have 6 starters back.They missed a penalty and hit the post with a goal chance.

I think you were just outworked in the first half.

With a full squad to pick from Vins could be considered top 4. Lost 20 scores to 18 against Cuala in last year’s semi final, that’s as close as most teams got to Cuala last year.


Did the same for me, just refresh and it seemed to sort itself out.


We didn’t miss it. For some inexplicable reason we tapped it over the bar.

Could have come back to haunt us at the end.


Just presumed he made a mess of the pick up and that’s why he knocked it over but could have seen it wrong from where I was.
Bizarre alright purposely going for the point.