Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


I think this performance is more what was expected from Craobh this year


One point in it :point_up:





Lucan 23 BSJ 1-12… Lucan scored most from their own 45, Peter Kelly dropped from FF to RHF but in reality he was a 3rd midfielder as they played with a maximum if 4 in their own half… Game to forget for him BTW as he gave away the ball at least have a dozen times, could neither catch or strike when in possession in the second half! BSJ just don’t have the hurling full stop.


Who stood out for Lucan?


Nobody really… long accurate striking from the half back line… Suppose you could say McCaffrey after 5 minutes showed about the only bit of aggression and the lads responded but all in all it was poor!



How are the vins going?


1.09 to 0.5 for Vinnies half time per match tracker. Anyone in O’toole park at Setanta v Crumlin, down country at moment.


2-8 to 6 to Crumlin at half time




Setanta 0-06 Crumlin 2-08, I’m hard to impress today, few highlights good goals, Setanta should have one, great save from point blank… Looks like senior v junior and that’s being honest! Ben Quinn for Crumlin the only standout.


Alex playing?


2.09 to 1.08, comeback is on MacGib goal…


Setanta 3.11 v Crumlin 2.13 so far


Setanta really showing up in the second… Goal up… McGibb McGibb McGibb!


By 5, Crumlin got their arses’ handed to them…

Fair play to Connor McCann I did not see that coming after the first half… Me bleedin ACCA!


Vins by a goal. Probably should have been more.