Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


At some stage this statement will be true so I’ll say it this year
I think it could be Na Finnas year with all the great under age teams they have had recently


defo not this year they wouldn’t have the experience to get past Cuala crokes or boden or even Vincent’s


I’ll go out on a limb
My top 4
1 Cuala
2 crokes
3 Na Finna
4 Lucan


Let Vincent’s get through tomorrow first !!!


I think that it will be a real tussle between Vincent’s and Na Fianna. I’d imagine there will be very little between them. With all this firepower up front, I think Na Fianna might do it.!



Ht in O’Toole Crokes 2-8 Whitehall 0-8

Crokes scored two very early goals and whitehall had 1 disallowed straight after for a controversial square ball. Cormac Costello has been lively for whitehall but has hit 3 wides. Otherwise whitehall are hurling well, a bit loose at times in the backs.

No team sheets so not sure who got the Crokes goals.


What age would the youngest O’Toole’s starters be now?





53 :joy:




craobh getting a whipping



Lucan 11 BSJ 7 @ ht second half just about to start… Ref keeping Lucan up with a few soft frees… Nobody is standing out except for Clabby at CHF he’s gone huge! :joy:



May have spoke to soon