Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


How many teams would you suggest take part in the Senior A then? Raheny have done ok in both of their matches, Vincent’s pulled away late on and only for a poor opening ten minutes last night they outscored otooles for the remaining 50 mins. Raheny have a good underage structure with decent minor teams every year also so I’d of thought senior A hurling would be extremely benefitial to them for the future progression of hurling out there. Very few counties if any have an A senior championship were every team is a match for one another, there is always going to be a few one sided matches. Realistically there is only 7/8 Dublin teams capable of matching each other with 3/4 capable of winning the championship.


as one who felt raheny would be way way off the pace, 7 points mightnt be bad but on a line of form through O’Tooles and judes ( who should have beaten O’Tooles by much more) its 20 odd points off being a top 8 side…

12 is the max i would seee in SH and i outlined above how i think champo should be broken into 2 groups of 6 streamed teams each


Your preaching to the converted there. 7 years ago we went up senior A. This is our 5th season in it since then. We’ve won the senior B again in the meantime since. last season we beat Lucan and Ballinteer in our group, although we failed to progress, that’s as much as we have to show for being in the competition 5 seasons. Just playing there is no where near enough to get a team up to the standard of even a regular quarter finalist. Having good minor teams coming through isn’t enough either because the top clubs are producing even better ones. I’m not saying Raheny shouldn’t be in the Senior A, they’ve more than earned that right under the current format, as we have done in the past.

My suggestion would be 12 teams. 2 groups of six each team playing 5 games. Same for senior B. This would make the senior A and B a lot more competitive in my view.

Again I don’t mean to come across as negative to Raheny or even ourselves. I know how tough it can be to get a seat at the top table, that’s all I was saying.


I’m not dissing Raheny either only dealing in the facts and much as people may malign the league there isnt a prayer of competing in senior A while being in Div 2 league


Luca where in division 2 last year


Lucan played div 2 in 2017 and got the the championship semi final last year only to be beaten by a goal… so to say you havnt a prayer isn’t true.


But how many years D1 had Lucan played before that ???.

a young team who didn’t win intermediate, then won Senior B in year 1 and are still in d2 league are a very different animal to Lucan to my eyes


Lucan’s appearance in D2 was because of 1 blip year in the league in 2016 and it went right to the last game… they bouced right back


@Sam_11 Agree with a lot of what you’re saying. I think the biggest problem having two groups of six is getting the 5 games played. This will all be held up by Inter County football, as we’ve seen in both Senior B & Inter in recent years.It then causes huge back log in fixtures Sept/Oct.


get 2 out of the way inn April and then start again September , finals still can be played mid October with the current intercounty seasons being moved forward .


Agreed,but,then you Leinster Kicking off. Look at Raheny,think it was last year or year before had to play something like 4-5 games in nearly 3 weeks, due to the last group game on the other side of draw being held up for football.
How’s that fair when their group finished around August.


not suggesting its fair at all but there is a bit more wriggle room perhaps with earlier intercounty finish… otherwise just play hurling and ignore intercounty SFC


If the clubs agree to play say Tuesday and Sunday for the end of April round that would get two matches played in a week. Used to happen all the time in senior b and worked out fine as everyone had the same short recovery time between matches.


Brigids were the strongest team to win senior b in the last 10 years. They are probably ranked somewhere from 6-8 in senior A now after about 8 seasons up. That just show the massive gap from getting promoted from senior B up to being a contender to win the A championship. It’s a massive gap to bridge and that’s just reality.


I broke my forefinger on my right hand the night before I sat my Finals. Just used my middle finger to grip the pen and all was grand. …grab a pen there and try it.
It was a vincents man that did it :slight_smile:



Do Brigids, Finbarrs, Setanta for example get many through from minor that stay on playing? The likes of Boden, Na Fianna, Cuala, Crokes etc can field up to 3 minor teams and can afford to develop players who come out of minor at Senior B/Intermediate instead of throwing them straight into Senior A. If you are a Senior A team and have had nothing come through for a few years and the numbers then there is not much that can be done and you will eventually start to drop. I know my own club (which is far from Senior A) had 1 second year minor hurler last year. Take into account 3-4 retirees from our first team we are down hurlers compared to what was available last year. I know you will never keep all minors but if you have numbers like the big clubs you can develop younger lads up to a Senior A standard while not suffering on the pitch. So there will always be gaps unless the smaller clubs can boost their numbers


In our case we have actually done ok recently in terms of minors coming through. We had a good crop come through in 2004 and then a lull until trolliers age group of which we had 6 or 7 come through. Not all still there but they gelled nicely with our 2004 group. It was this team that eventually won senior B for us. After that it was a few years before we got decent numbers through again. Our current team have a batch of about 5 or 6 that came through together 3 years ago, this age group actually had 2 minor teams which was a first for us. The problem we have is that the 2004 group are all but gone bar 1 or 2. Hope to see some come back as they wouldnt be over the hill for club hurling just yet!

Point being we dont get consistent regular numbers through to the senior ranks from minor, more years than not we might get 1 or 2 and sometimes none. Couple that with the natural drop out rate most clubs will experience at adult level. Also The gap between our 1st (AHL2 Senior A) and 2nd team (AHL6 Junior A) is too big so lads that go to junior initially miss the development needed to play at the top level. We are better off than many smaller clubs who struggle to field at minor.


Looks like NaFianna FF line (Currie, Ryan and AJ Murphy) ran amok for NaFianna scored 2-10 from play. Jaysus. :expressionless:


Crokes-Whitehall match is back on in O’ Toole Park tonite 6.45 TI. It was up above as in Parnell park,