Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


:joy: Apologies!!! It’s just that an hour ago you were giving out sh1te about there being no programmes!!! :grin:


That’s the team sheet from round 1, top of page. Why shouldn’t lads play bcoz of exams. Wrap them all in cotton wool??


The younger Currie played for the senior B v olafs and was very good


Ah they do care about hurling in DCB sometimes like… ha ha ha


Apparently that was to get at me for some messed up reason.

Me thinks men in white coats might be needed.


Six weeks out? Yeah. Might be time to take a break from a game where you could break a finger easy enough. Ever try doing the leaving with a broken finger?


O Tooles winning handy?


2.11 to 0.10 half way through second half.


Thanks Alan both games going predictably enough then


Yes. Because the question was did he play first round



Finbarr’s won the first two group games last year but didn’t make the quarters!


No, Sean didn’t play vs whitehall.



First game was awful . Na Fianna have bigger tests ahead

Scoreline flattered Raheny in the second . Ref gave them some easy frees near the end . Andy Morris must of hit double figures From midfield most from play . Pesdar carton still very sharp


Scoreline would suggest they had a good run at the 2nd half, but you obviously say otherwise?
Did O’Tooles tire at all or take the foot off the gas?


Grassroots you would want to fix your link as it is not secure for taking payment details!


A bit of both i would say


Wow some scoring from Na Fianna.

If Judes win against Vincents , it would set up a do or die game against O Tooles.

In October…


True but I would say there was minimum 6/7 starters missing from the team that played last season. Even with a full team out we are depended on a kind draw at this level. But thats not Na Fiannas fault however and that is some score to put up regardless. Im one of those people that have said for a number of years now that its only a matter of time before Na Fianna reach Cualas level. Anyone involved in underage hurling in the last few years that came across some of the hurling teams Na Fianna have produced would say the same. A team very much going places.

On the O Tooles game I was surprised to see so many tip Raheny against O Tooles. The difference between Senior B and Senior A is colossal. There are too many teams aloud into Senior A in my view. Im not taking a cut off Raheny in anyway shape or form but winning Senior B does not put you on a par with seasoned senior outfits like O Tooles, even if O Tooles have fallen back a bit. A team would want to be steam rolling senior B to be ready to make any great strides at senior A from my experience.