Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Just pointing out that Na Fianna don’t get much credit here no matter what they do.

On the programmes, for last week there were full colour 32 page efforts for each of the Mun-Brigids and Boden-Croker games which were chock full of pen pics, photos, fun facts, features and a quiz. John Costello made them himself.


EVERY TEAM ON the way up recently has copped that one. Some scoring by naF


Ok. Shoot my self in the foot here, They will when they actually win something or do something other than batter Finbarrs. Finbarrs are better than this.
NaFiana had Crokes on the ropes last year and threw it away, if they actually produced in The Championship this year, they they will get their due credit… they’ve done nothing but show promise yet… AND! Before you mention it, i am well aware, it takes time to produce minor winners into senior winners.


Oh FFS. It HAS happened in football.

Did the clubs supply teams?


Hahahahah will you put the kettle on and relax .
I already said, maybe the teams didnt supply.
Your a classic Alan, :joy: you’d bite anything


Did Na Fianna have young Sean Currie with them tonight or is the step up to Senior A a step too far this season?


Not 100%, in general or tonight, but i think he did play the first game?


Just wondering saw him with Dublin Minors last season. And was wondering what grade were Na Fianna using him at.
He’d be an asset to any squad


New management in Barrs, good few injuries too. We can’t afford to be missing starters, don’t have the panel as you can see from that score line. I wasn’t at the game so can’t comment on the standard of either team.


Looks like o Tooles targeted this game v raheny


He’s doing the Leaving.


You tag me and then suggest that my response means I’d bite at anything.

Right so.


Has he taking a break from the sport Alan orcis he playing at a lower level with less commitment?


Scrolled back on dubmatchtracker, he was listed as #25 in the programme


I don’t know. Can’t imagine many young lads playing hurling of any description this close to the Leaving Cert. Oral exams on theses last two weeks as well. Other practical exams coming up. I suspect he won’t play until after June.


Interesting. I presume they won’t use him unless they have to. Doesn’t need a broke finger about now!


Number 25 in the programme @alanoc … I think he’s winding …


I heard Raheny were also targeting this game I’d imagine they would be a lot fitter than o tooles so if they can close the gap a little before the last 20 they could go close


2-10 to 0-05 at ht


??? How is that a wind up? He is listed as 25