Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


O Tooles are fairly unfit looking at the judes games…throw in that.their 14 wont survive every game if he keeps pulling strokes like he did in O’Toole park .

but having seen raheny lose an inter final to a pretty moderate Judes team in 2016 I dont think they have enough basic hurling for o’tooles.

every raheny free given away will be punished also by Conor Carton


Couldnt possibly rate raheny on a 2016 team? two year since then and a completly different team, League play off semi finals last year? Senior B champions last season? from watching them in the vincents game they matched vincents in every position for fitness so thats not the issue, o tooles will be another serious test for them but i can see it being a 1/2 point game in rahenys favor


fair enough if they are turned inside out since then… I’m not knocking them but they didn’t in late 2016 look within an asses roar of senior champo. Obviously turned it around in senior B last year.

How many different players in the last 18 months or have a batch of serious minors come through ??


oh yeah they have turned it around major in the last 18 months, by the looks of things they have 8/9 new young lads in and 4/5 new starters.


Very true, but how many of the scores in that game came directly from the Arthur’s brothers ? I’d say 70% of them roughly, they’re a massive loss for otooles and can’t see them having anyone to get that’s level of scores


Two Ryans finished up from last year with O Tooles as well


Spoke to them last week one might be back tonight but not 2


No hurling done either way I dont think.



The Ryan’s are big loss even though they are 40 odd.


Fair play for the refreshing honesty in that article. Well worth 5 quid.


Best of luck with it @steveyblue, hope it works out for you. I think most people realise that unless you pay for content, you get clickbait. So well with the price of a pint.


Vincents will beat judes IMO.
O’Tooles to beat Raheny also





That a absolutely SHOCKING!!
WTF are we paying €10 in for!! That could be the teams not supplying our DCB not bothered making, but thats a joke!

@alanoc - would this happen in football!!!


Very poor from finbarrs would have expected a little bit more from them


Is there a loss of any more players other than Dillon injury?
New management team struggling?


Yeah it couldn’t be that Na Fianna are improving. Where’s all the sneering about underage success but being crap at senior gone? :thinking: :smirk:


Ah now hang on… whatever about NaFianna improving, Barrs are a hell of a lot better than that…