Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Not without Dillon. From a Dublin perspective, it’d be great to see him back tonight.


I wasnt aware of any that are but will take your word on it.


Do you think that if our well paid professional staff drew up a policy document on the structures of the senior hurling championships it might have more effect than the concept of clubs being turkeys voting for Christmas regarding changes. I agree with you that 2 x 6 and i would go the roscommon football model of Senior A being 6 and Senior B being 6.
A1 semi final
A2 semi final
A3 quarter final
A4 quarter final
A5 and A6 play off to be relegated to B following year
B1 promoted and quarter final
B2 qaurter final.
B3 static
B4 static
B5 and B6 playoff for relegation to Intermediate / senior C whatever one wants to call the lower grade…

games against team pretty evenly matyched and no teams taking trouncings. play 2 games in April but everybody fully alive championship wise no matter what come Mayday.

And i will repeat in my opinion most DCB officers do not treat hurling with equal respect


will they keep it under 12 ???


Agree. O tooles still have plenty there to win this. I would see it as a surprise having played against both in the last 12 months. Not a foregone conclusion like some of the games just think O Tooles will get over the line


Kilkenny, Waterford and Tipp have all played two Club Champo games, and most are 4 Team groups, so in essence at least one team is already gone. Having said that the Tipp Champo is a bit of a conundrum with South,Mid and North Tipp sections.
IMO our biggest issue is the amount of clubs with Senior status.


Any games of the championship on Tv this weekend?


O’Tooles after a struggle
Na Fianna by a few
Crokes by more than a few
Judes just ; maybe a draw!
could it finally catch up with Cuala - dont think so, winners win, Cuala by 3-5.
Lucan by a few
The upset - Setanta
Boden just


Apparently it’s balmy up there so could make for some good games hopefully. Few banana skins around.


Setanta the upset…Good spot… Not beyond the realms of possibility, played them a couple of times, they always fancied themselves and always just fell short. I can’t imagine Crumlin won’t give them full respect and that’s key, if Crumlin take them dead serious then it’s all over for Setanta and that’s just the way it is!


Is the other Quinn fit , Ben?


Yes two groups of 6 would be best; I think it works well down the lower Championships ; also think clubs might play without their footballers then so could re-start earlier if Dublin hurlers were finished by July, also if 4 teams dropped down every Championship i think it would make all Championships better and more realistic of the standard. think football has got it right now with just 16 teams - will take a few years to get the best 16…think 12 would be better for Snr A hurling with more games amongst that 12.


Are there any county footballers playing hurling any more? Except for Con? Not sure there are. And surely that could be worked around?


presume Dermo will be at some stage this year


Like who ?


Costello played for Whitehall,

Connolly generally plays for Vins

O’Conghaile not really for Lucan but has before

Con for Cuala


I wouldn’t presume that at all. Also Vins have played without him in the past and would likely do so again rather than hold things up.


i acknowledge they did unlike castleknock and Lucan in memorable recent instances of holding games up for other non declared reasons


You would have said the same last year when O’Tooles played Barrog but the Larriers gave them an awful hiding. The Arthur’s are gone from last year as far I know but let’s see what happens later. My money’s still on O’Tooles particularly now they have a match under their belt.


See my response above.


Sorry but there is still some difference in personnel between Crumlin and Setanta unless Crumlin have lost a load of players since last autumn. They beat Boden last year as well lest we forget.