Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Correct you are sir.


Apology accepted.


Judging by here I’d say they find some of the hurling people a pain in the arse.


John Costello is not on the CCC so does not run, operate or decide the format of the club championships…
The football championship is being run in the exact same way. And in fact up to this year was knock out so if you lost one game you were gone.
No one on the DCB considers hurling to be a nuisance. That’s quite simply bullshit.


Football is the same get a bad group and could be out in April no team should be out of championship in April after 2 league games season is just starting


ah alan, don’t let facts get in the way of a good moan.


Nice to see you say something that most people will now actually agree with :joy:


Wonders will never cease. Stopped clock comes to mind.


Never a consideration when I post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’d be me. Right twice a day …, for twelve hours each time.


Thursday, April 19

SHC ‘A’ Group 1: Raheny v O’Toole’s (Parnell Park, 8.15)

SHC ‘A’ Group 2: Naomh Fionnbarra v Na Fianna (Parnell Park, 6.45)

Friday, April 20

SHC ‘A’ Group 2: Kilmacud Crokes v Whitehall Colmcille (Parnell Park, 6.45)

Saturday, April 21

SHC ‘A’ Group 1: St Vincent’s v St Jude’s (Parnell Park, 5.45)

SHC ‘A’ Group 3: Craobh Chiaráin v Cuala (Parnell Park, 4.0)

SHC ‘A’ Group 4: Ballinteer St John’s v Lucan Sarsfields (O’Toole Park, 4.0)

SHC ‘A’ Group 4: Crumlin v Setanta (O’Toole Park, 5.45)

Sunday, April 22

SHC ‘A’ Group 3: St Brigid’s v Ballyboden St Enda’s (O’Toole Park, 11.0)


I don’t think it would be that big a shock if Raheny won tonight


They’ll certainly be targeting this as a potential win.


Maybe a year to soon o Tooles still have a lot of quality players



if you find where i said John Costello was on the CCC only then there was a need to mention it.

I accept you see nothing wrong with the co mgmt team appointments, you see nothing wrong with the DCB but to most who support adult hurling in the county we are on the hind tit whether you like it or not.

And i acknowledge the excellent work done by you and others at juvenile level, adminstered by Damien Murphy to give parity to hurling at Juvenile level…

but if you think having a championship over in April for maybe 6 teams / 16 is a well structured and organised championship, especially as an advocate here of club over county, I am truly mesmerised…


will barrs run na fianna close? could be two decent games tonight


no - comfortable win for Na Fianna


The point you made was that people don’t care about hurling. Yet the football championship is run in the exact same way. Your post seemed to suggest that John had something to do with the organisation of the club championship. If you didn’t mean that then fair enough.

The structure of the championships and county managements are another matter entirely. I’d have two groups of six with five games for everyone. But that’s a club decision, not county management committee or CCC.


@Lostcause A lot of other counties would be in the same boat i.e. teams gone out of champo by April.


Most of those players are a tad over the hill, can’t see them having the legs to keep up with Raheny, should be an interesting game