Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Boden and craobh playing tomorrow then craobh playing again Saturday and boden Sunday doesn’t seem fair on craobh boden get an extra day recovery


We play faughs in the b tomorrow and olafs Saturday


A lot to ask both teams this week but little can be done as original match was cancelled. One teams year could well be over by Saturday/Sunday.


Shouldn’t have flooded your pitch when the match was supposed to be played and yes wouldn’t have 2games in such sort space of time :joy::joy::joy:


Parnells using dirty tactics were they, must have been missing a lot of players :joy::joy:


5 players away the weekend so I heard blocked drains and sprinklers left on works a treat them north side teams know wat there doin :joy::joy::joy:


Second time I heard this and to be honest I’m delighted to hear stories about the hurling it used to only be the footballers that people talked about.
Now I hate for the truth to get in the way of a great story but even if we where able to interfere with the pitch in chanel what about st David’s where we play a lot of games how did we make that unplayable


Oh rite so players and people involved in the club are not telling the truth about wat happened with the pitch :thinking::thinking:


Great stuff Parnells are now the bastion of truth
As the great Bertie Ahern once said if you have to explain yourself you have already lost and to be honest I like the fact you think we are smart enough to do that so fire away


Is this not a senior A hurling page, don’t no why were even talking about Parnells there is a senior B hurling page for that.


Boden and craobh tonight what’s the verdict, think Boden are just to strong for them but in championship craobh always seem to step up, can see Boden winning by 4/5 points here.


Boden by 7


Haha so well put :joy::joy: meooow :joy_cat:
Brilliant response…


At least?


Never back against Craobh always have a big game in them and with Gary Kelly Kevin Warren and maybe young Billy Ryan to add to last year’s team they are a lot stronger than people think going to go with Craobh by 2 (So boden will win by 10)


Is Ryan playing senior?


If he’s old enough he would definitely be good enough so I’d say he will be in the panel


would be great experience for him if he was, is he on the dub u21s this year? Was he on the minor or u17 panel last year, it was th eu17s i think.


I dunno it’s hard to say craobh are always there in championship but I do fancy Boden to win here but only marginally in my eyes.


Think he was centre forward on the minor team last year with Dublin very skillful hurler.