Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


I was joking too lad :wink:




Craobh v boden Tuesday 17th in o Toole park I wouldn’t be surprised if Craobh caused a upset they are what you call a championship team


Like Leeds?


Less of that it’s super Leeds United


Does the Craobh v Cuala match and the Boden v Bridigs match go ahead Sat week?


Think they are pushed back don’t know till when


Players have to go back on Dublin duty so it has to be played ASAP.


Boden v Brigids going ahead Sunday 22nd @ 11.00 in O Toole Park


Craobh and Cuala on Saturday at 4 Inn parnell park.


Jases, you do not rate Setanta at all, Setanta have beaten Ballinteer in their last two outings. No pun intended toward Ballinteer St. John.


Craobh v boden game moved from o Toole park to Parnell park as the pitch is unplayable how could they tell the difference in any other time that games where fixed for there


When is down to be played?


Tomorrow . 745


Parnell will be doing well to be playable at this rate, shocking weathers here anyways.


Would they move it to Russell Park etc or would that cause a war?


Is there not a reluctance to play champ on an all weather? Don’t recall seeing Senior A (1) Champ ever been on a AWP


I don’t disagree, but I would imagine they are very keen keep everything as up to date as possible. Can’t imagine they would switch to an AW


Well Parnell will always be better than otoole


The carpark in Parnell would be better than O Toole