Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


I presume your Crokes prediction is sarcasm?
Close opening minute maybe!
Whitehall were decent, almost say, very good against NaFianna, but NaFianna done the bare minimum for 50minutes and when they woke up, Whitehall shipped 1-8 without reply. Like I said, decent, but against a team who didn’t play great and are consistently falling short of expectations…
NaFianna’s “minor promise” could be getting like Liverpool, maybe next year…
Ooops, didn’t mean to start ranting LOL!

Lucan will have I reckon, 6/7 to spare over Ballinteer


The same was said about Boden and Cuala, and look what happened in both cases. It just take a bit longer than people think.


Fair point & accepted…
still no grounds for getting too excited about Whitehall running them for 50mins


Just rereading the Grassroots piece on the Lucan game and in particular Johnny McCaffery. It makes me think how under rated I think he has always been. He is technically one of the best hurlers in the county. Now technically is sometimes used as a bit of a back handed compliment, I was never sure why. But hurling is technical, saying someone is good technically is just the same as saying they are good.

He can do it all, win the ball, control it under pressure and distribute it. Actually the one minor flaw I saw in his game at county level was a technical one, shooting. He seemed to me to have a disproportionate amount of wides about 1 M wide on the left.

But if he was a wee bit taller he would have been All Star quality. It was utter madness not having him on the county panel for the last two years. It is very rare you will see Lucan play anyone and he is not among the best two or three on the field.


You forgot one thing… he has a fantastic attitude… to the game & to his teammates… very humble
Last years semi final alone justified the massive mistake in his omission from the county squad.


I had that game in mind, he was unplayable thar day.


Lucan by 11/12 at least, if BSJ struggled that badly in their last outing they must have regressed.

The main talking point from Round 1 must be that Judes are back !

Key personal back hurling and look ready to rejoin the top table.


Were Judes up against much on Saturday? I think the Vincents match will be a better match to gauge them off.

Lucan were a strange substitution away from the county final last year. Have they added much to their panel?


Not sure how good or bad O’ Tooles were just looking at Judes lineup having Sutcliffe & Mangan back is huge.

No doubt the Vins game will be a big one in assessing where they are.

Lucan are serious outfit IMO.


Lucan also have a new manager. The team around him are still the same as last year… does that signify who made the sub?
Also note the keeper subbed on wasn’t even on the bench vs Crumlin


They were the two best players on Saturday. Hard to believe that Mangan (Ciaran) hasn’t got a run out with the county team. He’s been consistently one of the best corner backs in Dublin for close to five years now.


Ben Coffey was a wing forward on last years dub minor team, in the corner for Lucan and scored 1-4. Add to that Peter Kelly seems to be fitter than in some time at 14 and causing trouble by the sounds of it … it could just work. Will be interesting to see how they fare.


All in all i think we are at a stage now where we will have the best dublin club championship in a long time. Lots of teams capable of at least getting to the semis and beating each other…vins, boden, crokes, cuala, na fianna, lucan, judes all with good enough sides…maybe one or 2 more.


All great sides to make a great championship and realistically any 4 could make a semi final. We’ve seen how close Cuala where to not even getting out of a group last year, I believe score did in the last game?
For me, if I had to pic 4 semi finalists
Cuala, Jude’s Crokes & Lucan for me


If you fecked cuala in to the Liam McCarthy :joy: and left the rest of us at it you’d have a seriously competive championship

Crokes still a cut above the rest in reality, but as mentioned vins, Boden,lucan, na Fianna, Jude’s and probably a few more would have a right cut off them


Is it fair to say we’ve the strongest county championship in Ireland?


Only by virtue of population & funding.
They should split the championship in two


We did that years ago, sure havent we senior a & b


Jaysus if that doesn’t bring Bart back nothing will.


Haha I was being sarcastic
Split Dublin in two saga!