Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Cuala have been run close in dublin every year, they’re not streets ahead of the opposition. Not a single person tipped boden to win the SHC this year, when a surprise team wins the county they can come unstuck at the sharp end of provincial competition. The fact is that they didn’t win leinster in their prime (came close) so were unlikely to with so many key players are in their 30s.


Some amount of dual players on both Ballyboden’s and Cuala’s senior panels, I’d imagine? That’s a lot more games per year than the Ballyhale lads, I’d bet, given that few of them, if any, would be dual players? I can’t but help believe that Ballyhale were far fresher going into last Sunday’s game as well as being generally younger.

I’d love to see how Ballyhale would do against a full-strength BB or Cuala team in September if the BB or Cuala team in its entirety had only focused on hurling.


I tipped them from the start


There’s always one :point_up:


Ballyhale would beat boden in any monrh .


So where have they been the last few years?


I never said they wouldn’t.


They were too old. Still older guys there but some of the starters they had last season hadn’t the legs for it. Still a problem but that is due to very little coming through versus when they were winning the five in a row or knocking on the door in the years before that. Boden’s b team is not a patch on what it was 10 years ago.


Offaly used to have 12 and i dont think any fellow offaly people would disagree with me the quality of the bottom 4 left a bit to be desired. The top 8 in Offaly is extremely competitive with only 3-4 points between any of the teams.

Looking at Boden was quite suprised to see them go down so badly and i dont think the game was a fair reflection of where they or Dublin hurling is at.

My own thoughts for what it was worth is that the average standard of hurling in Offaly across the top 7 / 8 teams is slightly higher than that of Dublin at the moment although I think the gap is closing fast and I expext it to be overturned very soon with the progress Dublin hurling is making at underage.

I might be laughed at here but the standard in Offalys top 8 is better than quite a few much lauded counties such as Tipp and Cork who have very good intercounty teams but are less reliant on the top 10 clubs in their county…something which could probably be said of Dublin aswel I would imagine.

If i were a dublin hurling fan i would be optimistic of the future they are competing very strongly, have a huge number of players and clubs now much more now than ever and I would be shocked if all irelands at senior level are not forthcoming in the next 5 - 10 years


Fair points. What did you make of Ballinamere beating Faughs so handily?


Calm yourself, the expression Boden made a fool out of me merely is a way of saying I thought they’d win and obviously ended up completely wrong. Don’t be looking for offence.

Beeko makes a good point about Ballyhale being fresher, Keaney, Lambert, O Connor, Basquel etc all been busy considering made county semi.


Hey, good to have another counties perspective. It’s always hard to know were counties stand and the provincial competitions only give us clues. I do think people can overreact when a Dublin club gets beaten in the senior grade. Imho boden overachieved somewhat by winning Dublin this year and were always going to find Leinster difficult, especially with what seems to be a rejuvenated ballyhale. but just as Cualas comfortable wins over recent kilkenny champions didnt mean Dublin club hurling was the best there is, i don’t see bodens defeat as huge stick to flog dublin hurling with either.

The issue with using Intermediate as a yardstick to the depth in a county is that everyone has different numbers at senior, so our inter team is really #17/18 in the county whereas kilkenny’s intermediate team is 13/14th in kilkenny and offaly’s is 9th/10th so it very hard ot tell from the result whose clubs are stronger really.

A champsions league style competition would be class.


Ballygunner v Ballyhale should be a good one!


Really looking forward to this one. Couldnt call it.


St. Thomas scrape by Cushendall. Think the next game is basically the All Ireland final.


Would have them both well ahead


Why didn’t the Cushendall lad just take the simple point :frowning:


Cushendall can do that to teams and on a small, tight wet pitch its a leveller…id give st Thomas a decent chance in the final. This game starting now should be quality.


Dirty cat ■■■■■■■. Kicking a lad from behind. And then a free out for nothing. These are the things that go against the minnows.


Ballyhale were the better team though - deserved the win.