Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


2 small clubs in the inner city with nothing really coming up… Only other option is to amalgamate but I don’t think that is a goer at the min.
There are prob 8-9 clubs in the south inner city, catching from the same amount of players as Boden/Cuala or Crokes do alone.

Crumlin have 3 lads over from Counsel in the last few years playing senior, while a handful of Crumlin footballers play Inter Football over in Counsel.

Both Crumlin and Counsel try to maintain hurling and Football in the lower leagues in their own right, but with not much coming through the ranks, there would not be much scope for vast improvement.


it depends on each ref on my observation over the years as to how fussy they are around this…
Most will insist the keeper waits on the whistle to give ref a chance to write score & get out the field… the ref in this game is well known across Dublin and wouldnt be known to be fussy on these things


Great user name, @BillyByrne … Loved watching him as a player, very wholehearted.


an inspiration to those of us less mobile


Thanks @TallaghtDub - reading that and the other guys comments, there seems to be an element of interpretation involved. If everyone is outside the 20m line, the ref may still insist on only allowing a puckout on the whistle. It adds a bit of excitement to the game when it is taken very quickly.


Would agree, Wifi. And as important and all as PK is, Seanie McClelland is just as important to have back. One of the best strikers of the ball playing at the moment and rarely gets hooked or blocked. Thought he was excellent yesterday and delivered 2 of his usual landmark long range points which he does in most games.


Correct & agreed


Been answered by a few already, without the Counsel lads the last few years we’d be in serious trouble, have to be careful what I say here… But long term I think the writing is on the wall for small clubs like us in a top tier competitive level for various reasons… But our senior team at the moment is young enough to keep plugging away!


Would he be worth a run with the county now? He was a three year minor I think, so he must be good…


The Parnells team I managed up through the years always had great battles with Crumlin and you had some very good players Shane Ryan was always outstanding is he still hurling


Surely you’re better off competing at a low level then amalgamating, unless you are struggling for numbers to field?


And then the cream of the younger talent coming through will want to go to another club to play at a higher level, alas.


true. look at most minor squads all codes over the last 10 years , not many coming through from clubs outside the top 2 divisions ever despite a lot of lip service paid to development squads, everyone being looked at etc


It’s a really good question, and one I frequently complain about. If I’m not mistaken, the rule book says you have to wait for the whistle, but that’s obviously not how it’ policed. So occasionally you have a ref who can’t keep up, not allowing it. I’d be a big believer that it should be a keeper’s right to get the quick puck off if all of his team are outside the 21. But as with so many things in the GAA, nobody at regulation has put much thought into this, and one ref can scupper a team’s well practiced game plan (which makes for end to end games).


By rule, the keeper must wait for the referees whistle before a puck out. Problems can arise with quick puck out for example, if a team has scored and the referee is trying to get the score down in his notebook while watching play (i.e. the quick puck out) at the same time. How many times have we seen mistakes made regarding scores e.g. the referee in his hurry puts down a goal instead of a point or visa versa. From experience, a referee particularly for a championship match is better off, having a word with the goalkeepers before the game telling them to wait on his whistle for the puck outs and waiting until he is in position and ready before play recommences (in my opinion)



Second round of championship predicitions - Some massive scoring differences in the first round hopefully some better games to watch and some real championship hurling on show.

Raheny v O’tooles - Raheny (Fitness and ability in the young hurlers will carry them past an older otooles)
St Vincents v St Judes - St Vincents
Naomh Fionnbarra v Na Fianna - Na Fianna
Kilmacud Crokes v Whitehall Colmcille - Close game but Crokes will prevale
St Brigids v Ballyboden St Endas - Couldnt pick a winner, draw from me
Craobh Chiarain v Cuala - Cuala
Ballinteer St Johns v Lucan Sarsfields - Draw/Lucan by 1/2
Crumlin v Setanta - Crumlin.


Thats a tough marking job


"Raheny v O’tooles - Raheny (Fitness and ability in the young hurlers will carry them past an older otooles)"
Dont see this happening myself. O Tooles for me would still be a level above Raheny. Time will tell I suppose. Would be a great scalp for Raheny should they manage it

"Kilmacud Crokes v Whitehall Colmcille - Close game but Crokes will prevale"
Crokes with plenty to spare for me.

"Ballinteer St Johns v Lucan Sarsfields - Draw/Lucan by 1/2"
For me Lucan will win comfortably


No better buachaill than Fico…