Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


No it doesn’t fall. Your using titles from decades ago to point to where counties are now. That doesn’t make sense. In some cases there is an obvious link and others there isn’t. So it’s not an exact science or anything like that. Anyway, I didn’t intend to start a general long winded debate about the links between club and county success. The initial point I made was that the standard of club hurling in Dublin needs to improve in order to help our county team, it’s not as good as a lot of us seem to think. Also that our top clubs are behind kilkennys. I’ve yet to see any evidence to change my mind.


Boden were outclassed yesterday that is the bald truth.


Yea, kinda my point, traditionally kk would be ahead, with Offaly & Wexford next. Without really looking up dates and comparing, there’s a vague correlation between Birr and Offaly’s success.

Our record is very poor. One thing is for sure, we’re going to find it very hard to sustain county success without producing club sides which can win leinster from time to time. It kind of follows that the recent underage growth and relative success would improve the club game in dublin and hopefully its a case of all boats rising. Yesterday was a step back but we’re always going to have setbacks.


Some record for ballyhale given their size.when clubs like crokes and lucan with huge playing resources cant win.


Ballyhale’s record is amazing. a lot to be said for tradition when it comes to freaky success in a tiny parish like that.

Mind you Lucan and Crokes would bate them badly at football, on aggregate it’d be a Dublin Club win. :joy:


If you’re not caught in possession of a camán in Ballyhale you are put in the public stocks and have sliothars hurled at you for an hour. Any young boy under 17 caught talking to a girl is beaten across the back of the legs with an ash plant. It just isn’t life …


Time to introduce that kind of stuff in lucan and crokes and na fianna.:sunglasses:


Few making half hearted excuses here (words like perfect storm) but there is no reason at all that a team with the players Boden have get hockeyed by anyone. They made a fool out of me, I thought they’d give it a right go. But it does reflect badly on Dublin hurling, how could it not, your champions getting annihilated. Easy to say now Dublin club is awful, Cuala being the exception proving the rule. Congrats to Boden on the county, deserving winners, for the players and teams they’ve had though their Leinster record is awful IMO.


They were absolutely robbed by a referee against Birr in their previous Leinster Final.


Yesterday Boden did not perform and Ballyhale played very well. We can only judge how good Ballyhale are when get over Ballygunner and if they can win the final.


Any team can get well beaten on any day. Of course on balance ballyhale are a better team than ballyboden but playing into a wind like that was a near impossible task. It was hard to strike the ball 30yards at times. You cant judge the level of Dublin hurling on one game. The reality is cuala are our best team and would compete with any team. I actually think crokes would have done better in Leinster as would have younger legs than boden. Boden put in a monumental effort to win dublin and straight into tough Leinster championship. Very hard for an old team to get up for it time after time. Yes there is still alot to improve in Dublin club hurling but to take this game in isolation and judge standard of dublin club hurling on it is ill informed in my opinion.


Would you ever pull your head out of your hole.
Boden made a fool out of you??
Im not sure whats worse, your comment or me entertaining it with a response. All your doing here is fishing for a stir up.


Agree 1 game doesnt tell a whole story.boden imo are a decent team but ballyhale are just a level above them.club and county are different things in my book.


The club game has improved in Dublin, but there is not a huge amount of depth to it in terms of top class club hurling. There are five or six clubs hurling to a high standard at senior level, but that’s it. Fair play to Boden for doing what they did this year particularly when they haven’t been producing strong underage teams like they used to.

My take on it is the big clubs have got their coaching and structures right. Also some smaller clubs are now producing a lot more quality hurlers than they used to. Others are still not at the races. Overall we’ve improved, but we’ve a long way to go yet. For now Cuala, Crokes, Boden, Na Fianna, Vins and Judes, together with one or two others are papering over a lot of cracks.

If all is rosy in the Dublin club hurling garden as some seem to believe how do we explain our total lack of impact on the Leinster junior and intermediate club hurling championships in the 15 years or so they have been on the go?


It doesn’t say much when our Senior B champs get beaten by 8 points in Parnell Park - by the Offaly Senior B champs.


How many clubs do Offaly have in their senior a?

The quality falls away outside the top few in cork as well, although there are a lot of decent teams in the intermediate grades down here.


8 clubs in the Offaly senior championship.


The grading system in Dublin does not align with other counties because there are so many teams in Dublin. Maurs were junior hurling winners in Dublin and won Div 4, which means they are ranked about No 37 team in Dublin. Beaufort from Kerry won the Munster junior football championship yesterday and play Div 1 league in Kerry and are ranked about no 8 team in Kerry but play junior football. (Apologies for football example)
Different grading and ranking in different counties. Senior A is level ground, we can’t blame the ranking there! Where does that leave us? Great to see small clubs winning these competitions.


It is but the dominance of Kilkenny in the junior & inter Leinster competitions seems skewed


Exactly. Some would argue that we have far too many teams in Senior A. The number of teams involved in A means our top B teams are 17-18th best in the county, whereas some other countries have fewer clubs in senior meaning the quality of their B/intermediate is better. Of course other counties (kilkenny/cork) have more depth overall but even Kilkenny only have 2 groups of 6 in their senior championship so their top intermediate team is the 13th best in the county.