Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


There is no rationale behind that. The reigning All Ireland champions are from Dublin. If Cuala were an exception, they weren’t overly exceptional in Dublin as they were being kept to small margins there. And of course, they were beaten in Dublin this year. This just smacks of ‘that’s the difference’ type stuff to be honest.


I don’t disagree (as regards hurling), but I think it has to be factored that the majority playing members are footballers in most cases. With football, I think the big clubs do dominate.


“That’s the difference type stuff” well sometimes there is a difference, a 16 point difference. So maybe more rationale than you think. Cuala were the first team in umpteen years as a Dublin club to win an all ireland, they were the exception, don’t know how that’s not obvious. This idea that we have this top level of club hurling in Dublin will do us no favors in the long run. It’s not poor by any means, but it needs to improve for the sake of our county side in my view.


First ever. Only 2nd to even win a Leinster Senior.


Of course we can still improve dublin championship but your last line was a bit OTT in fairness.


Well that’s your opinion. Ballyhale won their semis by 4 against dicksboro and beat Erin’s own by 1. They then proceed to blow everyone away in Leinster including our best side this year.

I know cuala were pushed close on occasion but they had top players all over the field to stand up and get them over the line. Back to back all ireland’s is a phenomenal achievement, it doesn’t happen often in any county hence why I believe they were an exception and not a true reflection of where our club level is at.


Ballyhales run in winning Kilkenny this year was similar to cualas narrow margins over last couple of years. No doubt crokes boden would be competitive in kk also. Big difference is every level in kilkenny is competitive whereas drop off outside top sides in dublin is large.


And that was very similar to Cuala last year, but I didn’t read any woe is us stuff coming out of Kilkenny.


Ballyhale were better today.margin of victory is on the day.dont think they would win by 16 every day the 2 teams would play.difference with this kilkenny champions compared to the last few years is the quality of the forwards.clara o loughlins or dicksboro hadnt 3 like tj colin and adrian mullen.


Feel for Boden. Dont think theyre that far off ballyhale and think conditions went against them a bit more then it did shamrocks.

However as a non boden man the benefits to me are massive. Mr Kenny now has his full squadvto drive home his ideas before the season stsrts


You are using the progress of the club champions as a barometer of the state of hurling in the county. That’s not logical. If it was, Galway would have won much more at county level, as would Offaly. Tipp would be in division 2b, as would Wexford. Balkyhale have 6 club All Irelands and are outliers.


By the way. Im not sure well ever see the likes of Keaney again in Dublin. Jesus the workrate ghe brain the stickwork the strikingbthe vision the ball winning

Hope hes in for another season with Dublin


Not many club sides do.


No, a Galway side winning club all ireland’s is not a sign Galway’s club hurlng is the highest standard in ireland (not far off mind you). Nor was it the case in Armagh when Cross dominated, and it certainly wasn’t when Cuala were winning back to back all irelands.

There were plenty of reasons Galway were not more successful during portumnas good run. Having a proper set up at senior county level would have been a start. Inter club rivalries etc were cited by many a player and manager as an ongoing issue (excuse) in the county. Wexford are about the 3rd best in Leinster at county level right now and their club standard almost transpires directly, not sure about the div 2b comment or how it applies here. Thurles, Toomevara etc have performed very strongly in Munster over the years. Our club record in Leinster is abysmal in comparison to that, or even to clubs like oulart etc…

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say a high level of club hurling is good for the county side, but it seems to be too far fetched for some to accept.


While there was 16 pts difference on the score board today, there is not that big a gap between Boden and Ballyhale, a bad day at the office, these things happen. Boden have been on the go since January, Dublin League started in February, they are top of the league, had a few periods of extra time and a replay. The season is too long in Dublin. Cuala were beaten in 2015 by Oulart in similar conditions in Carlow where there was a gale force wind in the first half and Oulart got on top. Everyone on this forum was writing Cuala and Dublin hurling off, it was all doom and gloom. Playing a Leinster final against a fresh team like Ballyhale you have to perform for 65 + minutes, if you drop your intensity you will be punished, unfortunately Boden looked tired the second half and things didn’t go right for them. Hard luck to all in Boden, a great club and great ambassadors for Dublin Hurling, these players have given everything, there will be more great days.


I don’t get the idea behind this discussion at all. It appears to be that Kilkenny have better club teams then we do, therefore they are better. Well yes, of course Kilkenny are better. They have just come off the greatest sequence of wins any team ever did, and some of their key players who helped achieve that played today. So absolutely, Kilkenny are better then we are. I thought that was so obvious there was no need to point it out. Tipperary are better too, so are Galway etc. That is as the Americans would say, a known known.

But we are not so bad, evidenced by Cuala just winning two AI’s in a row. If there is a time for self flaggelation because of our club hurling scene, it’s probably not when we contain the reigning All Irleand champions. If that is failure, the likes of Clare, Limerick, Tipp (I.e all hurling counties who don’t have a team left in the club championship) must be beating the shite out of themselves.

Some day, hopefullly soon, we are going to have the confidence to lose a match without feeling the need to wallow in it.


Terribly disappointing result. We were absolutely outclassed. Thanks to the lads for a great year. Good to be Dublin champs again.


Great post. Great year for Boden and what a turn around Joe Fortune made of them in the year. Came up very short yesterday but dont underestimate the wind and rain into that Boden goal for the second half. Spoke to another resser last night who said it was a storm blowing direct and it was a huge factor. Mattie will have a full deck now to pick from though those Boden lads need a long rest.


Leinster Roll of honour, probably fair to say there’s a general link between quality of club game and the county standard, obviously there are exceptions.


Ballyhale Shamrocks (Kilkenny) (9): 1978, 1980, 1983, 1989, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2014, 2018.

Birr (Offaly) (7): 1991, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2007.

Rathnure (Wexford) (6): 1971, 1973, 1977, 1986, 1987, 1998.

St Rynagh’s (Offaly) (4): 1970, 1972, 1982, 1993.

James Stephen’s (Kilkenny) (4): 1975, 1981, 2004, 2005.

Buffer’s Alley (Wexford) (3): 1985, 1988, 1992.

Glenmore (Kilkenny) (2): 1990, 1995.

Camross (Laois) (2): 1976, 1996.

Cuala (Dublin) (2): 2016, 2017.

O’Loughlin Gaels (Kilkenny) (2): 2003, 2010.

Oulart-The-Ballagh (Wexford) (1): 2015.

Kilcormac/Killoughey (Offaly) (1): 2012.

Coolderry (Offaly) (1): 2011.

Fenians (Kilkenny) (1): 1974.

Crumlin (Dublin) (1): 1979.

St Martin’s (Wexford) (1): 1984.

Mount Leinster Rangers (Carlow) (1): 2013.

Graigue-Ballycallan (Kilkenny) (1): 2000.


The evidence you have just posted, shows that there isn’t a general link. Kk have 19, Offaly have 13, Wexford 11, Dublin 3, Laois 2, Carlow 1. That suggests Offaly and Wexford are close enough, miles better than us, and not far off Kilkenny. It also suggests that Dublin, Laois and Carlow are in the same bracket. In reality, we are miles ahead of Laois, Carlow, would beat Offaly, have been beating Wexford for most of the last few years and are not a million miles off Kilkenny. Have a look at the Munster stats.
Also note the number of Galway clubs who have won. There, your theory falls.