Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


We looked to be competitive for about 10 mins in the 2nd half. Totally outclassed after that. Great achievement to get this far with an aging squad, some retirements to come. Well done to the lads and thanks for the journey.


Yea. Ouch.


That’s a paddling


That’s what we were all afraid of plus Ballyhale are better than the most Recent Kilkenny Champs. Just hoped Boden might find a big performance today to roll back the years. Not to be, hard luck to them, a Dublin championship was a great achievement all the same.


Should a club like boden with its huge resources and playing numbers really be so far behind a team like ballyhale or struggle to overcome coolderry? Can an excuse like ageing players be entertained? Coolderry had 5 lads over 35, tiny rural village, no youth coming through. Ballyhale the same. Tiny population. At club level, clubs like crokes, boden, cuala, Vincent’s etc should dominate far more at club level in both hurling and football.


Look at the resources other teams have also though with no success at all even in Dublin. I commend them for not ‘sourcing’ outsiders also as players. Boden did very well to win Dublin and I think that just took an awful lot of them. They beat Crokes, Cuala Vins and Brigids all with better young players coming up. Today they met a force rising again. Hard luck to all in Boden.


Hard luck to Boden, beaten by better team on the day. Winning Dublin and getting to Leinster Final is some achievement for Joe Fortune’s first year in charge. I’d say we won’t see the last of them.


So a clean sweep in club hurling for Kilkenny. Not so much success in the football though …


I think this may well reenforce opinions that the general standard of club hurling in Dublin needs to improve across the board. Cuala were an exception. Ballyboden did really well to get that far and I won’t take anything from them, but they were ran close on a number of occasions. Ballyhale and other kk sides are wel above our best right now


Hard luck to Boden, worthy Dublin champions, however.
I’ll be glad to see the Boden contingent back in Dublin colours in the 2019 League. That said, I’d prefer if they had been able to make Croke Park on St Patrick’s Day.


Not much to add. Totally outclassed. Fair play to Boden though, they’ve had a great year.

Only positive I’d take from today is fair play to the GAA for flying the rainbow flag around the ground and continueing to promote a more inclusive society for all.


Carlow flegs …



I’ve out dubbed Dub09. Time for a few more scoops.


Terribly disappointing. While I would have thought Boden to be underdogs they really never fired today at all.

On the other hand Mattie Kenny can move on unhindered. Not that that will be much comfort to Boden.


Beaten by better team but congrats to Boden on a great run and worthy Dublin champs. The weather in the second half was something unreal amd wouldn’t of helped.


Bookies didn’t either. The handicap was 2 points. I stated I was worried about the difference in skill levelsand it showed, especially when the rain came down.


Ballyhale are, not sure their second/third teams would take out crokes or Cuala.


Bad day for boden. Ballyhale better but was also the perfect storm. I dont think there is that gap between teams but a freak wind in second half plus aging tired team made scoreline worse. Having seen cuala take care of other kk champions in recent years i wouldnt say there are others ahead of our top teams. Reckon cuala would cause ballyhale problems with there pace power.


Turning point for me was the great chance BB had for a goal before half time they missed that and then I think it was mellet missed one you would of expected him to score and that would have put them 9pts to 1-05 ahead but they missed that and then conceded the next 4.


1/1 ~2 in boyles on thursday some bet.ballyhale are way better than dicksboro o loughlibs or clara of the last 3 years.good minors and won last years 21s without the mullins.good young players beside living legends like tj and mick fennelly.cant see dunnamaggin beaten in the junior ballycallan will