Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


never played in his life. His club play hurling actually and he has never played


home of a leading Dublin hurler an all Ireland club winner x 2 incl man of the match award


I wasn’t wrong so was I ! I once had the privilege of watching Causeway win a senior title back in the 90’s as a young fella. One of their selectors even gave me a free hurl, thing was heavier than me. Good memories.


fair play Savio, some good hurlers in north Kerry, OConnell came from that pot, good boost for the Dubs

doubt Kerry will ever thrive in hurling, base too small in North Kerry


O Connell is cut from good cloth alright, were lucky to have him imo.

Had family in Kilgarvan, kind of an isolated hurling pocket. Have held their own in Junior and intermediate ranks over the years, won the latter this year I believe. Some wild characters involved let me tell you. But amazing it’s kept going down there as big ball is king.


Isolated is right … Healy Rae homeplace … :flushed:


Yep. They sponsor the hurlers, and everything else ! Home place of Cian O Sullivan’s father too.


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Thought Boden got the balance of breaks from referee. But not on the sending offs. All three were red cards and the strike from Brady on the keeper was filthy.

Boden have no reason to fear Ballyhale. They might be a typical small parish team with some special players like TJ being balanced out by them having one or two who might struggle,

I would consider having Keaney at 6 coming onto the ball. Think Dooley is too good to be a sub.

As someone else said all clubs have Cuala to thank for having zero inferiority complex against other clubs. I think Boden will do it. There’s no reason they couldn’t win the all Ireland either. Basquel gives them a different dimension.



It’s a bit unfair that the Kilkenny lads don’t get home advantage. They did in the other two finals.


Not sure where to post this being that we don’t have an All Ireland Hurling Club thread. :thinking:

Leinster Hurling Semifinal highlights.

What a mental game between Ballyboden and Coolderry


Best club game i have seen in a long long time


What were all the red cards for?


Strike, strike & strike.
Hurl, something & hand


Very hard to see. Especially the keepers one