Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


They didn’t show it on TG4. TG4 can be very biased towards Dublin GAA. Watched Ballyhale game. Jeez Fennelly took some amount of steps for three of his four goals!!!


DJ used to take 10 or 11. When you are wristy, you are allowed to do that. Dubs are not allowed though.


Not yet. But it will be


It is a huge advantage when you do that. The defender is getting ready to tackle on the 4th step, but if the guy doesn’t play the ball the defender has to adjust his body and reset again. This gives the forward extra time to get his shot away. It is more then just a technical foul, it is often the reason the goal is scored (DJ being an excellent case in point).


Did he play any under age county hurling?


From watching last night he gets away with taking an awful lot of steps
His speed on the turn gets him away from players, it’s not exactly his skill shining through

I’d say that is his day in the sun to be honest


I think coming out 60/40 is a more realistic aspiration, most come out 80/20 against him


Who is the potential appointment?


Oh he was a dublin minor hurler. So this isn’t like Michael Darragh McCauley randomly deciding to pick up a hurl for his club.


Does MDM hurl? FFS another one robbed by the footballers, this is ridiculous …


Id say you have to be over 18 to watch MDMA hurl…


I don’t think so but not sure tbh.




Not but he famously autographed my lads hurl in the clubhouse!!!


Probably hurls as much as Colm Cooper.


Funnily enough, supposed to be a smashing hurling


Would you know how much Cooper hurls?


Have you heard about the other golden son of the KOTF? Monsieur Paul Galvin, and his skill set?


Ah but he’s from North Kerry, the home of hurling !