Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Just on the ref decisions - countless times I have left games convinced the ref got calls wrong, only to be proved wrong by TV. The ref is a) nearer, b) is focused on looking for fouls and c) experienced at it. So they tend to be correct more often then not.

It is actually very rare to see a foul awarded when it wasn’t a foul. It is more common to see fouls not penalised, but that is more to do with the GAA’s attitude to rules then any particular fault of the ref.


I dunno how the f*ck that came about!


Yes, from what I’ve heard he was pushing for a start from the off. His pace is a huge asset. Much like Con, his basic skills may not be of a player who hurls only.


He looked a little raw v crokes but his directness and pace stood out, sounds like he found a bit of confidence to take a score yesterday anyways!


I didn’t see the game and I’m only going on what I have read here. But a lot of the referee’s decisions seem to be debateable, especially decisions made in extra time. Someone else remarked that as much as extra-extra time can take its toll on the players, the same may be the case with the referee and, if fatigue is setting in, could well affect his judgement.
I really don’t understand why a replay could not have taken place next Saturday evening.

Fair play, @UibhFhaile, some gracious comments and welcome to the site. I hope you continue to visit and contribute.


It could be a case that at this time of year the fitter, well conditioned guys have a bigger advantage then normal. Even with Con O Callaghan, I think he is also a bit raw, which is understandable considering the small amount of time he gets to train for hurling. But on the soft ground he has more of an advantage then he otherwise has.

But I am surprised by Basquel. We knew Con was a very good under age hurler, we didn’t (well I didn’t anyway) know Basquel was so handy.


I would “debate” that comment. The only questionable one would be allowing the penalty stand. All the other major decisions (i.e. sending offs x 4) were correct.

The fact that there was no 4th official didn’t help him with the additional time that he allotted at the end of normal time. Coolderry felt aggrieved saying he played on until the equalizer arrived. Whether or not there should have been 5.5 minutes, well, only he knows!!


Sorry, I meant open to debate on here. I didn’t see any of the game so I can’t actually state that I would debate/question so of the decisions.


Final fixed for Carlow.


Boden are a bit unlucky to have to face a Ballyhale side that have bounced back from being gone for a few years. Another year they may have got a Wexford opposition or a less determined Kilkenny side like that crowd Cuala put away last year. Lambert will struggle on TJ and the Boden full-back might find it hard on Fennelly and that’s just two match-ups that come to mind.


Collie was the stand out player on the pitch when his team won the minor hurling final. He has barely hurled from then till a couple of months ago.


Boden are a tough nut to crack. They have a few forwards of their own and won’t fear Ballyhale. That mystique that used to be worth a few scores to Kilkenny teams, has gone. We have Cuala to thank for that.


They are the 2 players we have to contain to win this game. Not an easy task at all.
However fennelly has proved to be very inconsistent from game to game over the years. So having an off day is a very real possibility. Mind you, it is a very real possibility that he performs like he did yesterday also.
Simmo has never played better hurling. But tj is different gravy altogether. Hopefully simmo can come out 50/50.


many years ago was collie minor amigo?


2013 I think.


He’s 22 isn’t he?


Did he appear in any other matches in Dublin SHC other than the final?


As a sub yes


Cuala close on a new manager themselves


Is the Cuala appointment official?