Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


No insult taken. But I’ll go with my Da if that’s alright with you :wink:


Loves them :wink:. As I said, he was up for Boden but felt Coolderry got a very hard time of it at the end of normal time and into extra time. I can’t comment as I wasn’t there but in fairness he’s not usually one to even notice refs as in his day anything went. And that’s the way he likes it :grin:. But he did think the ref went off the charts at the end.


Ah sure we can all see things from different angles :wink:


If the refs decision re the throw in was for inside the 20m line then it was definately an incorrect call our corner back was outside the line i was right beside it. But look it didnt result in a boden score just possibly stopped a coolderry one given the distance and accuracy of our keeper.


What’s the story with Dooley?


Jesus Dub09…you have become or are well on the road to becoming very bitter…are you the Real Bart?


There would be no other logical reason for it. Its not when he receives the ball, its when its struck.
He can be on the goal line or the moon when he receives it (yes, deliberate exaggeration) but must be outside when its struck…

If you had a better view then me (or the ref🙈) so be it. I was as perplexed as most


Presume Conor? Didnt start, Collie did instead.
Looks like they wanted blistering pace in the FF line. Paid off too, Collie got 3-3, I suspect purely tactical as Dooley has been great all champ. He came on as a sub


Or perhaps he struck it outside the square, or struck it before the ref was ready and had whistle blown. Who knows!!


The only reason I didn’t say struck outside the square is because id say that happened on 9/10 puc outs and un punished. But you are right.
Strike before whistle is just a retake and continuously doing it is a yellow



It happened the far end of the pitch to me so I don’t know what happened. Perhaps the ball didn’t travel the required 13m?


Huh? Only saying what I think. Would love to see Boden win Leinster tho


The keeper pucked the ball out to the back who was outside the 20 metre line but the Ref had his back to it and blew for a retake. The keeper then remonstrated with the Ref and the throw in was for that.


If its for before the whistle it happened at least 4-5 times by boden who generally wanted to restart quicker and shorter of the two teams throughout the game. Our corner back was outside both before during and after both striking and recieving the ball. But look it its long over now no point crying over spilt milk


Missed that he came on, thought he might have a knock. Good option for final. Was impressed with basquel’s direct running when he cane in v crokes, a lot to be said to tearing straight for goal at speed.


Niall Ryan’s goal was the best one for me. Picked the ball up around the middle and just straight lined the heart of the defense and buried it. Less than 60 seconds in


I think he’d be known as a dual player😉




That was Basquels first start?