Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Well done to Lucan today in difficult conditions. Great half back line of Johnny MCCaffery, Chris Crummy and Seanie McLelland they will go well in championship this year.


The 2 quinns are Counsel


That brilliant news! Really thought when I saw the incident that Chris was gone for a few months! I would feel a lot more confident about our chances with him in the starting 15.


According to match report on here the Lucan full forward was Paul Kelly and not Peter Kelly. Could be a misprint in team listed. Anybody at game that might clear this up?


I know it’s been discussed here before, but how are they allowed play hurling for one club and football for another when both are dual clubs?


It was Peter Kelly and he looked very sharp.I thought that Lucan were excellent today.


As far as i know lads can leave if no minor team then decide not too come back. But I think they played minor with Kevins (another story in itself) So not sure how they can.


The Quinns are with Crumlin a few years now


Sorry, complete misprint. Peter Kelly.


Delighted that Peter is getting back to his best. Even a 75% fit Peter Kelly is a big plus for Dublin hurlers!


Yeh they are, was just replying to Ricos question 🖒


Clubs affiliate to the County Boards as separate hurling and football clubs. It gives them extra representation on County Committees, extra entitlement to match tickets etc.
As hurling and football sections are technically different clubs players may play hurling with one and football with another .


100% a miss print


That is fantastic news… Peter Kelly could be a game changer, especially in the forwards.


its a fair copout… and Counsel are benefiting from crumlin native hurlers going to them for football also


I see from the Grassroots match report above that the Crumlin keeper was pucking the ball out really quickly, as were the keepers in the Vincents Raheny match. But what is the rule on this? Do they have to wait for a referees whistle? Dublin were pulled up a bit in the league for taking them too quick. Particularly the Antrim game where Nolan was actually telling them to stop making runs so early as he had to wait on the whistle.


I haven’t seen them this year, but in last years championship I thought they were very close. As you say, but for the keeper thing they could have been in the final. If Kelly is coming back to his best, he would be like the addition of two players.


Two rules apply here;

This is 2.6 which specifically deals with the puck out;

When the ball is played over the endline by the
team attacking that end or after a score, play
is restarted by a puck-out from within the small
The player taking a puck-out shall take the ball
into his hand, but should he miss his stroke,
the ball may be struck on the ground or may be
raised with and struck with the hurley, but not
taken into his hand again before striking it. The
player taking the puck-out may strike the ball
more than once before another player touches
All players shall be outside the 20m line until
the ball has been struck except the goalkeeper
and the player taking the puck-out - if other
than the goalkeeper.
The ball shall travel 13m before being played
by another player of the defending team.

However the following is also stated under the duties of the referee;

To blow the whistle when a foul has been
committed or when the ball has gone out of
play. To blow the whistle or give a signal to
restart play.


Kelly is a huge re-addition… not exactly sure of his full match fitness- he was definitely moving well in full forward thats for sure, but i wonder would he have the ability to play further out the field?
His substitution was nothing to do with fitness or performance, id imagine just to give others game time


Every Referee is different. You play the referee you have. Some want to slow that game and have everything marked down and whistle blown. Others want to keep the game moving.
Officially, you prob need to wait for a whistle…