Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


There’s your problem with refs right there. Perfect shoulder on O’Callagahn. Free in for Cuala! Unbelievable.

They should win this pulling up.


Agreed. Fair shoulder. Con some operator


There’s a non free for Mellowes now. At least he’s consistent.

Cuala need someone other than Con to step up in the forwards.


Mellows free taker with some strike of a ball


Jesus the ref…


Mellows are shite, not one decent forward on their team.


Liam Mellowes have a top class free taker, Cuala giving away a lot of soft frees


A few aren’t frees at all


Score lads ?


0-8 Cuala, LM 0-6


Con trips over his own feet. Free in!!

Absolutely incredible.

11-6 Cuala.


I think that one was for the late tackle on Malone. But shite anyway


Mark Shutte seems the be a long way off where he was for Dublin 2 years ago.


That’ll be all the rather pointless football training.


He was long way off the level he had got to with Dublin hurlers well before he switched to football.

Very mixed performance from Cuala. Semis all about the win but will need to improve hugely for final.


They’ve won by ten points. Na Piarsaigh didn’t look to be any great shakes. Cuala will repeat without too many problems.


They dominated the 2nd half today.


Na Piarsigh won their game with 13 players to be fair. Cuala looked rusty today. Will need to get back to level they can play at to win final.


I thought they were decent and their touch, control and striking was very good in tough conditions as well as their tackling
Mellows didn’t even get an attempt on goal. Cuala have more gears in them but was impressed with them today considering they haven’t played a competitive game in a long time.


We’ll see.I think they’ll be raging favourites myself. NP will be down two starters too!