Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Yeah, but they included about 5 clubs in the picture.


Modernists like you have the world ruined Alan …,


No Paul Schütte to-day, apart from that all flying.


Is he out completely Or on the bench?


Is Cuala match on TG4?


Yea 4pm


Na Piarsaigh 4pts up with 12 mins remaining


Not sure, just heard it.


Up by eight now. They’ve played most of second half with 13 men and yet completely outplayed Slaughtneil


Very unfortunate with injuries seems to take a lot of knocks!


Shouldn’t be losing matches with two extra players


What were sendings off for?


Striking off the ball. Na Piarsaigh are a nasty shower.


Two straight reds will mean both miss final!


Best of luck to the Cuala lads on here.

Great opportunity again today for them.


There’ll be appeals on both and you never know how that’ll go.


According to 42 sport both were off the ball strikes. Bit harder to win appeals for off the ball stuff. But your right would never be sure how they might go!


Mark Schutte down to play wing back on TG4? Surely Malone to wing back, Sean Tracey to midfield and Schutte to wing forward


Off the ball strikes won’t be be overturned unless there’s serious evidence. The two lads are in trouble!


You can take the boy out of Limerick…