Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


It’s sacrilege I know, but a Cuala defeat wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for Dublin. It would bring the Cuala guys back in and leave any Galway county lads with Mellows out. I will still be hoping for a Cuala win, but if they are beaten, there is a silver lining.


Mellowes have no one on the Galway team!!!


Must be too mellowed …


There’s more chance of Dublin beating Galway than Mellows beating Cuala.

I do agree it wouldn’t be a bad thing if we the Cuala lads back earlier than Paddys day


Best of luck to all at cuala in tomorrows game hopefully it’s anotber day out on the main stage come March 17


That seems to be the general consensus right enough. But I don’t really understand it, I would have thought to win Galway you had to be good…


Anyone team with county players were probably affected because they were on the piss!


A poor Sarsfields team won it 2/3 years ago & lost the All Ireland Semi to Cushendal, who in turn lost the Final by around 12 points. Cuala should win handy enough, especially on a decent pitch like Thurles.


There was only 1 player that started the all-Ireland in the 4 teams that were in the semifinals


Well then they were on the lash for the group/q finals! Interesting stat all the same


I think the Galway champo has more of a bitter rivalry between clubs than a high standard generally. Although they have produced one or two serious club sides over the years


in fairness more than one or 2. portumna and Athenry were consistent for many years… sarsfield won 2 in a row i think
from memory likes of clarinbridge, kiltomer, st thomas all won club titles in the last 25 or so years also


Fair play to Slaughneil for competing on the football and hurling fronts, but I must say my regard for it is tempered a little by the fact that Ulster club stufff is crap at the moment (at least four Dublin teams would win it handily).

It also wasn’t their doing (it was the Derry countty board), but that tweeting last year of the picture of Slaughtneil and supposedly Marino ( but was in fact about 4 parishes), to highlight the great small v big win was very unclassy.


I wouldnt say unclassy. Id just say stupid.


They were just outlining the area Vincent’s take their players from …


Pot? Kettle? :wink:


I thought they were just showing the main locations of the Hutch/Kinahan feud


Regency Hotel would be borderline Whitehall/Vincent’s/Rosmini Gaels.




Dinner dance? What century is it again?