Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


What county players do they have?


There was an awful lot sand on the stand side sideline to-day, apparently they’re still trying clean up the area after an horrific assault on a match official at the start of the summer.


None I think, David Collins was on the team/panel up to this year.


Congrats to @Mickholden2 and all involved with Cuala. A special team.


Are you Bart,


Looks like Bart might be Three persons in the one! Otherwise know as the Holy Trinity! :grinning:


No, I’m Stickman, I’m Stickman, I’m Stickman that’s me & I want to get back to my family tree😂


If Chuck and Stickman are 2 versions of Bart, who is the third part if the Trinity?


Ger Cunningham! :grinning:


Please don’t insult me by comparing me to Chuck. I think if you read back over my posts you’ll find I’m well informed & a lot more knowledgeable on hurling matters than most here.

Again I’d like someone to point out anything that I have said that is either untrue or wildly inaccurate?


See the first paragraph of your post above to answer the question in the second paragraph :joy:


Says the man who posted this earlier. If I were you I’d keep the head down🙄


Great achievement by Cuala today. Well done @Mickholden2 and all involved.:clap::clap::clap:


Yea I know me stuff see


You know more than most of us?? When I hear comments like that, I wonder!


A super performance by a great team but in saying that, KK were pure Muck. I don’t think I have ever seen as bad a team to represent Offaly. They were totally unfit and very dirty. The strike on Sean Treacy was sneaky and filthy. It should have been Red. Cian was lucky that Oisin was struck as the assault was meant for him. WelL done to Cuala, Gilroy must be smiling at the talent available to him.


But has never heard that self praise is no praise.



he didn’t say anything at all about them being manufactured. I thought all that was unbelievably positive commentary. Never heard Lyng say anything like that about Dublin teams at all. And he was 100% right too


Incidentally great to see Sean Moran give his post-match interview as Gaeilge as other Cuala lads have done in the past.

Surprising that your man that manages them is from a Gaeltacht county but has no Irish!! :laughing: