Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Very impressive from Cuala! They are a very good / great / whatever you’re having yourself team :grin:


Well done Cuala - great achievement by a great team! Sean Moran immense


Dumphy is going to have a field day because Kenny didn’t do a lap of the pitch at the final whistle


The 9 should have been gone before him!

Gas the way the culchie will always blame the ref when they lose in hurling to Dublin team. Ref getting load of stick from the KK crowd as he went off. Yeah it was his fault you lost :upside_down_face:


Who cares? A Dublin team has just made history and your only concern is to undermine them by saying that things ain’t the way they used to be.

Cuala are well on their way chasing down the achievements of Birr/Portumna/Athenry and would have given any of those teams a game in their day.

Well done Cuala. Great win. Again.


Congrats to Cuala.

A brilliant team and management and I enjoy watching them hurl.


Well done to Cuala. Setting the bar higher and higher. Hopefully, other Dublin clubs will follow.

Con O’Callaghan could have been an All-Time dual great if born in a different generation. Phenomenal.


Not really relevant here but I reckon Megan Markle or even Angela Merkel probably has better Irish than Lyng. It is painful to listen to him trying to translate English thinking into Irish words. I wish they’d get someone else! Congrats to Cuala. I think they are a smashing team in any company! It’s great for Dublin hurling!


That’s just in case somebody might think he is waving a Kildare flag on national TV :grinning:


Well done Cuala. Great achievement.

Moran was deserving of MOTM, however I feel Column Sheanon was unlucky to miss out. Several good scores from him.


Lads is Bart ok, unwell, on a sabbatical or got the door?


Any word on injury to Paul Schutte? Seemed ok when up collecting the cup! But difficult to tell from that! Paul will be a major player in their remaining games!


Congrats to Cuala great achievement to win one Leinster never mind back to back ones. Hopefully they push on and keep Dublin hurling flying on paddys day. Just shows the standard of Dublin club hurling is right up there any one of the 8 1/4 finalist in the Dublin championship would of beating kk today they are miles of fitness and skill wise. Congrats again to @Mickholden2 and his club.


Just on way back from game, well done Cuala class


The last 3.


Well done Cuala. Great achievment by a brilliant team.


Not an expert, but they do look like a seriously good team, well done to all involved.


Congrats Cuala great achievement winning back to back Leinsters & an All Ireland sandwiched in between. Hopefully go all the way again.


I see the mighty Liam Mellows won the Galway Championship…first title in 47 years for them.


Congratulations all the Cuala men here. Terrific achievement!