Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


That’s your opinion. And even if it has gone back the fact that Cuala are well ahead of the rest means they deserve to be considered a great team.


It’s all they had to bring to the table. An ageing, proud team. Pity.


Yeah they look like a really spiteful and dirty bunch too. Their crowd seem to be at the officials aswel which is baffling


Have Cuala beaten Na Piarsaig? Have they beaten a Galway team? Standard of club has gone way back in Galway as well.


So you think the Club Championship is as strong as it’s ever been? Yes or No?


If the teams that beat them were beaten by Cuala what difference does it make?


Moran, schutte and Cronin and a few more of these guys are gonna have a real impact with Dublin this year. Lots of pace and aerial ability in this Cuala team. Just what Dublin need. Guys hurling at their peak…great to see.


Jaysus if Na Piarsaigh can’t come out of Munster, Cuala can hardly beat them. And if they aren’t drawn against the Galway champs they can hardly beat them either. All they can do is beat the best team to come out of Munster - Ballyea - which they did - well.


This is scandalous refereeing!


State of that peno.


Cuala are taking the foot off the pedal here


Jasus! I hope Jim Gavin didn’t see Cronin kick that ball to net! :grinning:


What is that ref on! :flushed:


They’re standing off KK but to be fair Cuala shooting accuracy has been very good. Keeping them at arms length rather trying to hammer them.

Umpire down end Cuala are shooting into looks as if it’s killing him having to wave white flag for Cuala score :grin:


So you agree that the standard is NOT universally low?


The free taking has being superb from Cuala


Kiss of death ha


Kiss of death :grin:


Commentator banging on about Cuala being much fitter and well conditioned, saying its a professional set up but not in terms of being paid.

Great to see “manufactured” dublin hurlers upsetting the culchies again


The Kk number 11 really let his side down today