Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Moran is the real deal. Some fine defending and fielding from him already



Game over already!


Watching the KK fullback chasing Con for the goal was comical. Would reckon there’s a few junior C fullbacks who can run faster than this fella.

This could turn nasty if Cuala get too far ahead!


Pace was always likely to be their Achilles heel but yea, seem faster wet weeks :joy:


Dirty bastar** the KK 9. How is that not s red??


Game over after ten minutes.

In fourteen months Cuala have won two
Counties, two Leinster and an All Ireland. And you’ve people arguing if they’re a great team :weary:

Not that it’ll matter to anyone associated with the club. And it shouldn’t!


Actually hit him twice with hurl!


I wasn’t arguing the merits of Cuala as a team, they’re a very fine team! I was more arguing the standard of their opposition over the last 2 years. Can you point out what I have said that isn’t true??


Any team that wins kilkenny are handy enough. Cuala have made the last two kilkenny champions look pretty average.


Ref is v poor. Cuala having a breather last 10


Ref trying to endear himself to KK support. Very one sided.

BIFFOs is apt description for this crowd


Not necessarily. Clara had 1 County player, Lester Ryan (a sub for KK). Dicksboro had 1 Cillian Buckley ( fine player).
Compare that to Ballyhale or James Stephens in their prime:

TJ Reid
Colin & Mick Fennelly
Chat Fitzpatrick
Eoin Reid
Jackie Tyrell
Eoin Larkin
Brian McEvoy
Peter Barry
Philly Larkin

Anyone from Kilkenny will tell you the standard of club hurling there is as low as it’s been in a long time.


You offered an opinion, which is neither true nor false. They’ve beaten all before them. You seem to think because they haven’t beaten the right teams that that diminishes them somehow. I’m saying that that’s nonsense. What they’ve done over the last eighteen months has every right to be called great.


That was the definition of a dirty stroke right there.


So the benchmark is now the greatest players and club teams of all time??

And a hatful county stars doesn’t always a great team make. Ask OP/ER or Ballyboden!


Love to see Cuala push on now and annihilate them.


I never they’re victories were diminished. I said the standard of club hurling has gone back. Is that true or not?


I fully agree that the standard in Leinster is poor. Cuala get tougher matches in Dublin. However I think the standard in Munster is decent. Na Piarsaigh are a very good team. The standard in Galway is always good. 6 Galway clubs have won the All Ireland. Therefore Cuala cannot be said to have just arrived at a time when the standard of club hurling is universally poor, as I see it.


That was a bad pull on Oisin Gough! Deserved the red! Lucky not to be down to 13. Kk seem to be spoiling for a fight!