Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Amazing it’s all hurling mamagers the clubs appoint isn’t it


I agree. A lot of those Boden players have had him at some level with Dublin. They beat Cuala this year then lost to Crumlin and Lucan. They are a good bit off contenders based on players coming up but he must see something there. Maybe he has taken over the Boden footballers @Lostcause


How are you & some others here going to cope if Gilroy does well? Your whole understanding of what’s required to be a good hurling manager will be in shreds!


Oh absolutely. Joe certainly knows a lot about players and teams in Dublin. A great appointment for the club. But we are in a transition period at the moment, I believe. There will be a serious side there in a few years.
We still have some very good players at the moment. Enough to sneak a championship? Possibly. But Joe has work to do to achieve this.


I think that’s a fair enough summary.


In fairness that was a Cuala team minus Con & 1 or 2 others. It was also a month or 2 after winning the All Ireland so was a good time to get them.

I definitely thought there was at least 1 more Championship left in this Ballyboden team over the last 3 years but it looks further away now as the years pass. Saying that with the new management in place, there might be one sting left in the tail.


If Cuala win this Leinster they’ll have beaten the Kilkenny, Wexford and Offaly champions. Hardly shabby.


Correct and right! But will that convince some on here? Even now that they are all Ireland champions didn’t do that! :slight_smile:


Yuuge match today. Kk are a good team. Not a forgone conclusion.


KK are brutal & the fact their the final just shows how far back the standards gone. If the conditions are in anyway favorable, Cuala will win by 7/8points +.


How do you mean if the conditions are favourable … if they have the wind in the first half and it changed direction at halftime?


No if the pitch isn’t too heavy or cut up. The likes of the Healions still playing for KK, an oil tanker would turn quicker. Cuala could do real damage on those guys if the under foot conditions are good.


You still haven’t come back to me naming a real top quality team they beat?

Here’s the list:

Borris-in-Ossory/Kilcotton GAA (Laois)
St. Mullins(Carlow)
O’Loughlin Gaels (KK)
Slaughtneil (Derry)
Ballyea (Clare)

Not too many heavy weights in that list & the only player of any note in all those teams was Tony Kelly.


That’s a little bit like suggesting that if you don’t beat say Kilkenny in a hurling final or Mayo don’t beat Kerry/Dublin in football Final then that win is watered down a bit!


Never said their win should be watered down in anyway. I was originally replying to your point, that the whole Cuala team should be on the Dublin panel, by stating the gulf between Club & County has never been bigger & that the standard of Club Hurling has gone back a bit. Anyway best of luck to Cuala today they should win & go on to set up an All Ireland showdown with Na Piarsaig. Na Piarsaig are a fine side so if Cuala go on to beat them they should definitely be considered a very, very, very, very good team😂 maybe even a great one👍🏻


Fair enough! I may have misunderstood you! That possible final v Na Piarsaig would indeed be a classic!



Expecting a easy win for cuala. Can’t see kk being able to keep with the pace.


Hope so!


Can’t believe Ger Healions marking Con!:see_no_evil: