Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Cuala giving KK a handicap by not using hurls?


@Chuck get your predictions for Sunday up here.


He will! But it might be Monday evening! :grinning:


Looking forward to this, is Mark Schutte fit?


has a dublin footballl session i hear instead


From what I’ve heard Mark is still in the protective boot.


get outta that!


It that Gavin’s boot or Gilroy’s boot…


Hearing Joe Fortune is the next Ballyboden manager.
Great appointment if true, but probably 2/3 years too late if I’m being honest.


Great appointment for Boden. If anyone will get them back challenging he will. Just could be too late for many of them with Dalo with Crokes and Na Fianna /Vins producing great underage players&Cuala.A great manager though and the players young and old will certainly be pushed.


Best of luck to Cuala people on here. Huge day for the club and Dublin hurling to put back to back Leinster titles together.


Boden probably need to rebuild at this stage?


Massive rebuilding job if you ask me,I can’t see Boden challenging for at least 6/7 years because they just don’t have the quality coming through but this is a very good appointment if they can keep Joe for a number of years they’ll be on the right road.


I hear that. Bad form


U21s lost to a serious nafianna by 3 only? Must have some decent players on that team?


Still no names yet


Yes official, Joe has the job. A big rebuilding job ahead.
Roger is right. Not a great time to come in. I don’t know if Joe knows what he’s getting himself in for.


Some decent players alright but nothing outstanding either apart from maybe the goalie & he’ll have Gary Maguire & Conor Dooley ahead of him in the near future. 3/4 of the will definitely play senior, 1 or 2 already have, but can’t see any of them being complete game changers. Na Fianna were missing Sean Currie & Paul O’Dea, pitch conditions this time of year are also a great leveler, they were the superior team throughout. Saying that, nothing more could have been asked of the Ballyboden lads, they battled away for the whole game & with a bit of luck could have sneaked the win.


I would think that Joe knows the Dublin club scene better than most? Between him, Daly, Dunne and Kenny southside hurling games will be interesting next year.


Dunne won’t be influencing much. Think with the return of the prodigals we could rock a few boats again