Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Ye he was a quality corner forward. They produced a few really good lads but few seem to have pushed forward at intercounty level…although im very hopeful whitely will.


Did Crokes not win 3 or 4 minor championships in a row at the end of the 00’s start of the 10’s? They should have plenty of quality there or did they not get many of them winning teams through to adult?


Extremely solid and hardworking side, as I said they lack any real firepower.

Whitely can be marked, McGrath is okay, Oisin O’Rourke was quiet in this years champo, O’Dwyer is finished (sadly)


No idea what evidence you have for that post!


The part about Daly will probably bring Crokes on! Is probably correct!


Dalo was seen reasonably regularly in the Goat Grill (for a man living in Clare)

Crokes played a fairly slow, battling style under Ollie Baker. Got results (although didn’t get them past Cuala recently) but may not have done much for the dynamism of their forward play, individually or as a group. Needed more movement in their style as much as it was about individual players I think


Still lives in London and played for them in last years league


Glad o hear he’s still playing anyways!


I think the last line of the post aptly describes my evidence, ‘I have absolutely no evidence to back that up bar opinion…’


Daly hasn’t wasted any time and is scouting & contacting, Clare, Limerick and Tipp lads based in Dublin.
Building a savage squad, subject to transfers, especially with a squad that’s already the best, in depth , squad.


Heading to Tenerife for a few days, anyway to access TG4 for the Cuala match?


Don’t think you can get RTÉ player outside Ireland! Need to google search Irish bars that might have a tv box that picks up signal! I would imagine most Irish bars would have one!


Pop over to Lanzarote and check that McGregor is alright will ye?


Already signed Tony Kelly :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Sher why would you want to watch that ol’dross - i’ll text you updates from the ladies junior B final.


Bournemouth v Southampton and Man City v West Ham are on Sunday. Why would you waste your time looking at the Cuala has-beens


Ah… at last… something you DON’T know!!!


Mind them discos!



There is now no doubt that Dalkey is the best little principality in Dublin in which to play hurling!

Three Leinster finals in a row is new territory for a Dublin club - as would retaining the title be as well!

Best of Luck Cuala and @Mickholden2 … oh … and @Chuck