Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Another one on the list, Cuala’ll be doing well to win a game ever again.


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Some travelling for Dalo from West Clare. Lives a good 20 mile past Ennis so journey will be about 3 hours from Tullycrine to Stillorgan. Will need to come up with new tactics as his sweeper tactic is now outdated.


I think Rushe might have the advantage when up against a big, strong guy - but Crummy is more mobile and will get himself under more ball. Rushe has mobility issues though, he can’t turn that well and he can’t adjust. He does make up for it a bit though by being unstoppable in a straight line. I have seen Crummy at midfield and he was decent there…


I think Crokes could be a little behind Boden and Vincents now, and maybe even Lucan, although they did beat them. But the good thing is there is now 4 or 5 good teams right up there, and i think Daly will bring Crokes on.


Odd and outrageous post given that Crokes have easily given Cuala the best challenge for the last two years ( a point down going into injury time in both finals) – They still have players coming through all of the time.


Important thing in all this: Daly can only help improve Dublin club hurling! From Gilroy’s point of view that can only be a good thing!


I agree with posts above that there’s only so much even Daly can do for Crokes or any team, it’s not a garuntee of success. Liam Dunne had intercounty on his CV and a lot of experience as a player and he hasn’t set the world alight in Ballinteer.
Daly will certainly boost the club scene though. Between him and Cuala now going for 2 in a row. Must be some good stuff happening in the county.


Might be odd, but I think outrageous is a wee bit strong for a comment that only refers to the relative merits of hurling teams. Absolutely Crokes could win a championship, and as I said, Daly could well bring them on.

From what I saw in the semi, Lucan had the beating of Crokes and just fell a little short, I think a small improvement would push them ahead. Vincent’s did well against Cuala for 50 minutes and again were just a little short. Boden didn’t show great this year, but have the players. But listen, it is just feeling that in a competition between Crokes, Vincents, Lucan and 'Boden, I don’t think Crokes would win it. But I have absolutely no evidence to back that up bar opinion…


Is Daly’s introduction purely " Keeping up with the Jones’s " exercise…


there would appear to be an element of dick measurement and enhancement alright


LGood point about Daly being good for the club scene.

Crokes are going all out to topple Cuala next year. Others like Lucan, Na Fianna and Boden will feel they are not far off ruining Crokes plans themselves.

I feel that we are not a million miles off being able to compete very strongly for the senior all Ireland at county level. We have lots of really good hurlers in their 20s and more in their late teens. It will take a few years of building but now that our club championship is getting very strong it is going to start paying dividends at county level if we don’t make a mess of team management like we did for the last three years.


Crokes problem is they don’t really have that many good players, they work hard and are very competitive always.

Up front they’re short real firepower I feel.

Cuala comfortably a far better team than Crokes and i don’t see that changing.

How many Crokes players would start for Cuala?


Cuala have had harder games in Dublin over the last two years than they faced outside Dublin, which as too bode well for the standard in Dublin. although having said that Con seems to get better every week after the summer playing football.

KK will be a really big challenge and if they win Leinster Na Piarsaigh looks a serious outfit.


Crokes appear to have a very strong squad. I watched the semi and final and their subs looked good.


Crokes had some quality underage teams over the last few years…they should have really produced more players to line out for Dublin.


Whenever happen Kevin O’Loughlin, have a vague recollection of him going to london to work or something. they had some serious underage teams around when he was coming through.