Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


I wouldn’t have much time for the footballers myself. They wouldn’t give 2 thoughts to anyone isn’t on the Senior 1 team. Hurlers are excellent across the adult section people


Not sure if that is the case with most clubs and perhaps a bit unfounded?, in the past definitely, , maybe Parnell’s when they had money but don’t think it applies to most.

Why don’t they just release publically what the expenses are so that people who contribute to the club and pay subs know how much is being allocated to it, or it could be as simple as a private benefactor?


Between this and his Kinder Egg Brand spokesman gig he’s doing well for himself


Mick Slattery was the manager. Mickey and Ben were coaches, Tom and a couple of others as selectors. That management team is gone now. New manager should be in place in the next week or two.


Ok question for yas lads, up and down the country teams have S&C coaches and physios, both of these people would be paid for their roles with the team. Fundamentally what do people perceive is the difference between paying those people and paying a manager?


A S&C coach does not have to be a member of the GAA


Not sure that explains the difference. And if the S&C coach is a member of the gaa and even a memeber of the actual club they’re coaching?


If a club is lucky enough to have a S&C guy who is a member of that club and is prepared to offer his skills and expertise for free! Then great! But if the club does not have that option and they want to compete at the top Then they have to pay for that service! It’s realky no difference to a situation where a player gets injured! If the injury requires Physio The expert usually needs to be paid for that treatment!


Ok, but again, why is that any different to paying a manager? Is that person not also a supposed expert in their field?


Everything is ok once it does not exceed the expenses rates laid down by the Central Council.



Ok no issues with a manager claiming expenses! But clearly if a manager travels from cork to Dublin 5 days a week The expenses would obviously be greater than another manager travelling say from Bray to Stilorgan 3 days a week! You would hope so anyway!


There’s no guarantee that Daly will do any better than a Crokes member that would be doing the job FOC for the love of the game and their club. However, we can guarantee that a professionally qualified physio will do a better job than somebody that isn’t.


Yeh would agree that’s the strongest argument, fair point.


Anthony Daly is a level up from Ollie Baker.
Cluala won the last 2 matches against KC because of crucial KC management errors.
Daly has a comittment for Rory Carroll to return next year also.
Crokes will take Cuala next year and indeed any team in Dublin.


Meanwhile chuck sulks as the no 25 jersey on the junior B team is givem to someonr else in Cuala


Crokes will surly play a well drilled 7 at the back next year! Could be a very interesting final if Crokes meet a very lethal Cuala front 6.




Hey Chuck, did Daly ever make a crucial management error, say against a serious hurling team like Antrim? I didn’t think so.


Well that’s completely untrue about Rory to start with


Chuck has contacts in every club in Ireland. He knows best