Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Paying managers sums above and beyond expenses has been going on for a good while now, both at club and county level. It is against the rules of the Association but these rules are bent by using under the counter payments (i.e. off book income, generous sponsors or “supporters clubs”). Knowing that it is happening is one thing but being able to prove it is impossible for the GAA, and so it will continue.

Some clubs / counties take it to a new level with the figures being rumoured.


There is a football chairman and a hurling chairperson separate, wouldnt have thought that’s a big deal at all

Think it goes back to the big rift in 2004

Beeko seems to have it in for Kilmacud :roll_eyes:


its a lot a wider split than just different chairpersons…


Why would you say that?


It’s far better now than it was 10 years ago.

Although you’d expect it to kick off again over the next few years


Impossible to prove and its included in overall team expenses in their accounts.

How many of the management team will get expenses outside of Daly and then if a guy who’s won underage championships or leagues, got his badges etc and is looking at this carry on why would he stick around.

It gives Crokes an unfair advantage over other teams and clubs as they can offer a wider “expenses” packages than other clubs and can get experienced and good* managers and coaches in. Would Daly go to O tooles in Darndale if they offered him the money they were offering for a coach a few years ago, doubt Daly would even get up out of bed that amount.


Frequently not included in the accounts at all :wink:. This prevents it from being identified if accounts are examined.


I reckon that happens in nearly every club in the country - no?


No it’s not, certain people don’t get on on both sides alright but it’s not as bad as what you’re suggesting.


We’re crying out for fellas to manage teams these days, that argument about people coming through and not sticking around is nonsense. No managers for the two of our adult teams currently, and the club has been relying upon the same number of people for years to take adult teams.


It would appear that a good number of clubs and counties may be creative in their application of the accounting standards!!


Who we?


If the “expenses” packages on offer for some coaches are to be believed, is it not inevitable that people would get a pain in their hoop trying to carry out all of the tasks that go with running a team, doing so for “the love of the club”, while looking on at another coach/manager within the club (probably an outsider), getting paid to do the exact same things, and getting their “expenses” while doing so?


In general lads, I know it happens, I just think its wrong, a player import is one thing, a highly expensive experienced paid manager is another in my opinion, as if they didn’t have the money, or a lot of money, he wouldnt be going there.

That’s my opinion of it and if people differ then so be it but you cant just say as sure their all at it, doesn’t make it right.


I say fair forks to Crokes! They have built up what they have since the late 1960’s Early 70’s. Clearly they have tapped into what ever resources that are available to them in Kilmacud Stillorgan and neighbouring areas! Don’t see a whole lot wrong with that!


Don’t agree with the majority on here. Player imports are worse than managers, far worse. I’m talking about the ones that are actively poached by clubs with the promise of expenses and jobs. I suppose from a small club point of view nothing surprises me anymore. I’d take issue with people taking lumps outta Crokes on this one and their own club full of imports, pots and kettles.

Crokes has been a seperate club for hurling and football for a good while now. The hurling side of the house are as decent a hurling crowd as your likely to come across, weather your playing them at senior or bringing a kids team out to Silver park for a game. However the football side is polar opposite in my experience. I emphasis the “in my experience” part. I’d be interested to know if anyone experienced similar over the years


Disagree, majority of imports don’t get paid massive salari . . . expenses.


agree with a lot of what you say above but how can any hurling club afford Dalo

its gone into a serious 2 tier society now


I’m talking about the ethos and morality of it. A club that goes out recruiting imports with the promise of jobs or expenses regardless how small they are, to recruit player x and then joe soap that’s been with the club since juvenile ends up on a lower ranked panel to make way for this import who will be gone in a year or two. Clubs are shiting on their own in order to get ahead with that one.


Exactly, the haves and the have nots. Dublin GAA is surprisingly competitive for the gaps between the big and small clubs in terms of finances and facilities.