Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


I seen Ciaran Barr with the footballers this year would he not be interested, there’s a good hurling coach there already in Ben Dorney.


I heard Gilroy only took the Dublin job to learn the ropes and boost his CV until the Vinnies senior hurling job becomes available.


Possibly. But there’s no word or rumour yet.


Ben is a savage coach in any company, and an exceptionally committed and decent man. Pat could do worse that to get him involved with the county squad.


They floated the shares they had invested in Ollie​:sob::sob::sob:


Has he been involved with a football team. Can’t be on board otherwise


More tp that job than met the eye, coursing relations etc. Wasn’t through the board for sure


Have you tried med’s?


How much is Anthony Daly being paid and is it taxed?


Managers are only paid expenses and expenses are not taxed!!! :wink::wink::yum:


Massive appointment for the Club. . . I would have thought Richie Stakelum on his own would have been a good way to go

Probably does look a bit embarrassing from the outside. . . We’d want to be winning the next few Dublin Seniors and an All Ireland to be honest.


50K or 60K or 70K or 80K is not taxed? :slight_smile: . Sure you would spend that on petrol. . . . .


assuming he isn’t moving to dublin, that’s a fairly unprecedented commute to manage a club side . 5 hour round trip minimum. He does a lot of media up and down the country also, at least the dublin trips will overlap I suppose


Pretty disgusting in my view. It really adds to the fire of those arguing against the resources in Dublin when a club side can apparently pay expenses that a lot of counties could only dream about. Admittedly, I know none of the facts involved here and am going on general perceptions.


That’s putting it up to Dalkey … I mean Cuala in the ‘loadsamoney’ stakes.

Davey for Dalkey?


Please God NOOOO!


Would think Cuala don’t even want Davy driving through Dalkey ever! Not even on his way to Croke park! :grinning:


That’s it. Not aware of facts but im sure he’s not doing it for nothing. There are not many clubs out there that can do what Crokes are doing because they don’t have the money/resource. Does it give them an unfair advantage over other clubs, of course it does. It is right, no its not.

I know we have issues with player imports etc in all clubs, but this is something a lot worse in my opinion.


Maybe some of the financial resources should be used to ensure that all club fixtures are fulfilled, especially Div 1 fixtures.
(No… that does not imply that you PAY 15-16 year-olds to play in November when there’s nothing at stake).


Is Kilmacud Crokes a Gaa club or do a hurling and football club just use the same name? I see the announcement of Daly was signed by Peter Walsh, Hurling Chairperson. They also have a football chairperson. Is this the norm in Gaa clubs?