Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Thats the problem, they work it in Kerry but only focus on one code and in parts of cork but not sure lads involved are dual players or how it works but surely better off lads playing with the clubs more.


If the purpose of your suggestion is to bring hidden gems to the attention of the Senior County management then perhaps a slightly different approach may work for example say an annual competition were set up and run over 3 weekends. Divide the county into 4 regions North South East and West! Select the best players from clubs outside of Senior A championship. It would involve 3 round robin games and a final! Round 1 to be played on a suitable football weekend in early February. Round 2 and 3 to be played Good Friday and Easter Monday. Top two teams into a final to be played May bank holiday Monday! I could be wrong here but to my mind that would cause minimal disruption to the club fixture list and still give quality players some exposure to County management! Can’t see it doing much harm on a trial basis of maybe 2 seasons!


Absolutely…little happening at that time of year too. Cant afford to be missing out on anyone really.


We would need to be realistic though! Every chance this type of tournament would give us no new player in any given season! But if we only got one every 2nd year just as an addition to panel it would be worth it! It needs to be understood from outset that there is little or no chance that we would unearth a Sutcliffe or a Rushe! But a solid panel member? Every chance!


And actually recently moved back there apparently, so it is a little more then a tenuous connection.


Cuala playing this weekend?


Sunday in Parnell at 2




Hopefully they take note of Vincnents meldown in Aughrim and are fully focused.


Will Cuala be missing much on Sunday?
Has Con’s knee healed?, seemingly he sat out training all week and spent a lot of time in the Cyro-chamber.
According to a Cuala contact, a lot of their young male supporters, the Utras, are going to their girlfriends A.I. semi instead.
According to local Wexford reports, Martins have been gearing their 2017 game on the Cuala tactics, each player has spent huge amount of time analysing Cuala’s 2016/17 matches.
Martins to do a Rathnew and win by 2 points or more.
Get straight onto PP and it’ll pay for Christmas.


hahaha you are such a fanboy of cuala chukky.


Great to have Chuck back. Our new Lone Ranger/Bart


Where is lone?


The funny thing he’s actually a member of Cuala!!


Any idea if on TG4?


I hope the supporters change their minds and go and support the lads instead of their girlfriends because apparently according to the same Cuala contact that if the lads do not win on Sunday it will be the last game they play for Cuala before the team disbands and the players retire to live reclusive lives on Dalkey island.


I’d say they’ll show the Munster hurling final as the live game with deferred coverage of a Leinster semi - most likely the Cuala one.


That’s exactly what’s happening.


Not so sure Chuck is from Cuala, one minute he’s speaks as if he knows the club quite well and then throws in a few “your club” and “a contact”. He may well be from Cuala but i’m not convinced.

The girlfriend comment is to do with the Cuala ladies Adult team playing in the All-Ireland Junior Semi Final at 1pm on Sunday too up in Monaghan and the club want to support both teams as best we can, essentially the same issue St Martins are facing this Sunday also.

The only injury I’m aware of is that Mark was still in protective boot Wednesday last week.