Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


I agree…i think Rushe if he trimmed down on the muscle a bit could get a new lease of life in there. We need a bit of power in there…weve been horsed out of it last few years. Mcmurrow would be a good foil to Rushes physicality.


I get ye Tayto, but I’d love to be in Croker on St. Patrick’s Day again.


I’ll be shouting youse all the way


True enough…success breeds success. And like you say we get a look at other guys in the league. Be good to have them back for all the league but id be happy enough them returning to the panel in Spring with a bag of medals and oozing confidence.


One shouldn’t overlook the amount a run to Patrick’s day takes out of players come the summer firm ground


I think the biggest toll is mental, from now it’s only another 4 games but having talked to a few of the lads after last year it was hard for them to get going again.


Id say the celebrations added a few weeks onto that too! and rightly so.


Thats true but a lot of these Cuala guys didnt really play much with Dublin this year so youd imagine they had somewhat of a break during the summer. I take the point but if they did get that far youd imagine this is where the expertise of someone like Gilroy would come into play and hed know how to manage them.


Making it all a calendar year event/trophy would kill all that. Going on to Paddy’s day makes no sense at all.


I’d imagine they aren’t that keen to play for Dublin really. Dalkey/Dun Laoghaire has always been more poppy than lily country. The lads from Vico have no more affinity with the Nell than Dubs have with the Int rules. I heard a couple of them on Sunday saying they heard Dublin played in this kip and they started laughing


Put the fishing rod away, you’ll get no bites here.:joy::joy::joy:


I think the celebrations took a couple of weeks off my life. Mattie managed this side of this things very well, gave the lads a decent break from training with just puc arounds being the order of the day and then ramping things up again towards the end of the summer for championship.


Changing the subject a little here but…do people think divisional teams would work? I know they’ve been tried before but the last them they were tried they seemed doomed from the start. There was too many teams and they didnt seem to have all the best players making themselves available. I think if you had 2 divisional teams 1 north and 1 south and you were allowed to choose players from senior b clubs down to junior you could have two additional very good teams playing senior hurling. Youd imagine if fixtures were structured to accomdate this and if players bought into as in they felt they could win it, it would add further to an improving senior championship. It would give everyone a chance of winning a senior club medal, lessen the need for players to transfer from their clubs and also widen the amount of players playing at top level giving the management a look at chaps who may be good enough but might not be seen because their not playing senior.


I think they are worth another shot.


If they are given the right backing by the county board and the clubs buy into it there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work


I can see the benefit of it but very unfair on clubs that have to release players to go and train and play challenge games with the regional teams as well as lads missing for county panels.
We all know if it was to be a runner again then lads would be exploited by the regional teams and then there be no room or time for them to play or train with their clubs and they’d be flogged.


Won’t work without all championships being finished before the Senior A starts. What club is going to tell a lad to head off and neglect his own team if you have your own championship the same week.
I played a game for one of the teams a few years back as they were down a few players. I was asked not to play a club football match so I could train with the regional team. A bit unfair in situations like that


They can manage it in the likes of Cork so maybe see how its done there. Club comes first obviously but if there was a balance with the fixtures etc that made it possible be great. Ideally it would be for lads who had little interest in club football and were looking to play at senior level…lots more of that type of player about now than there was previously existed in dublin.


I’d love for it to work but I can’t see how, for example on a hurling week in the Summer we would train Monday evening, game Wednesday, recovery session Thursday and game Saturday.
On a football week then train Monday or challenge game, train/challenge game Thursday and then train Saturday.
Like if you had lads off training or playing with a regional side your club team suffers short term.


Probably a non starter! But something along the lines of the Fingal set up might be worth exploring! Its only an idea of the top of my head and have not given it much thought!