Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Yeah the mothers from where Johnny McBride is from in Derry and lives up there now. Can’t think of the club, a really short name


Many judes lads with Mayo?


The Loup.


4 : 2 McManus and 2 McLaughlin.


Thanks couldn’t think of it


Didn’t the Sheanon’s play for Cavan last summer?


Yes they did, it’s the Waldrons are Derry.


John Sheanon played for the Dublin minor hurlers in 06, lost to Kilkenny in Leinster championship in Portlaoise. Interestingly Naoise Waldron was playing for KK that day.
John played 2 years Dublin 21 football.


John Sheanon played League in 2011 for Daly - the year we won it.


Cuala very impressive I have to say, the only flaw I have with them is there hand passing coming out of the backs at time is very poor and that they miss the man and ball spills out, against Dicksboro they were great at winning the dirty ball but against other teams I think this will cost them. Moran was fantastic surely he is in line for a run with the Dubs team? O’Connell was my MOTM by a mile got through some amount of work.


Colm cronins direct running at pace with his ability to catch ball is exactly what we were missing the previous few seasons. Great thing about Cuala is they can all catch ball even the smaller lads like Sean Tracey and the awareness of what other players are around them too.


Remains to be seen whether there are any better teams than dicksboro around. Moran broke onto the Dublin team last year. In a way we’d be better off of cuala were beaten, would have a much stronger team for the league.


Moran is similar to Rushe and Crummy I wonder could one of them play midfield?


I’d like to see Crummy Moran Durkin at half back! Rushe at midfield! Even just for 2 games and see how it works out! Now I wouldn’t go trying it out in championship! Pre season or very early league would b worth a look!


What a load of crap


Which bit?

You’re saying we wouldnt have a stronger team if cuala get beaten in leinster?

Didnt say i wanted it to happen but We would have a much better team with the Cuala lads available all year next year.


Gilroy is well aware of the talent available in this Cuala team! But in the long run a long successful run for Cuala would do wonders for their confidence! Coupled with that Gilroy would get a better look at the rest of his panel and see how they preform under pressure! It would be great to get a few scalps in the league games! But far better to pick up a few in the championship having fully tested out the non Cuala contingent!


Sure in terms of looking at the overall panel it’s no harm missing the cuala contingent but if the goal is promotion and/ having a settled team then we’re better off with them available from January onwards. Going to be much harder to beat limerick/Galway without them. Apologies if that upsets people :joy:


It’s a bit of six of one! Half a dozen of the other really! Really boils down to what Gilroy’s targets are for year one! But I do see wheee your coming from! Just I’m looking at it from the other angle!


I know yea, thats why i said “in a way” we’d be better off. Of course there’s always one (not you) who overreacts.