Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


the sheanons are Cavan as is cian waldron i think


Yea thought I heard that mentioned somewhere before! That still leaves Gilroy with about 10 possibilities for his panel!


The Sheanons are indeed Cavan, the two Waldrons are Derry and Nicky Kenny is Kilkenny, all the rest are eligable for Dublin and I’d imagine if Nicky were asked there’s a good chance he’d go for it too.


Nicky Kenny is 31 and I don’t think he’s county standard, he’s not even a 60 min man for the club.

From what I heard Gilroy isn’t looking at lads of a certain age


You’re probably right re the age profile Gilroy is looking for, I was just answering a question about the eligability of Cuala players


So does this mean lads near 40 won’t be asked to play?


Except for you :wink:




Ballygunner have no chance of beating Na Piarsaigh.


Missed the match but just watched it this morning.
Cuala have shown how strong Dublin Hurling is. As said previously they could’ve been knocked out by their last 2 Dublin opponents.
What Dublin hurling has is very skilled squads, superb S&C, and they all now know that with a victory in Dublin, Leinster, at least, is a real possibility.
I was visiting family in Cork and went to the Na Piarsaigh game, they are well capable of beating any of the Leinster teams and they’re installed as favourites by the Bookies.
Mark Schutte is a huge loss, a Cuala mentor says he’s back in 3 weeks.
As for Cuala’s age profile, their subs for the past 2 games are averaging 31.25 years, so this confirms their lack of a young player pool.
Average age of the normal starting squad is circa 28.


So correction the last 3 Dublin clubs could’ve beaten Cuala.


Welcome back Chuck :grin:



The ability of Cuala players to create and find the players in space is one of their main strengths!


Watching kilcormac, well able to hurl obviously. But don’t think they’ll have the legs should they meet Cuala


Are the Sheanons and Waldrons not Dubs? John Sheanon definitely played for Dublin underage unless I’m losing my marbles.

If so all eligible for Dublin if they give up playing for the counties they’re with now. Apart from John Sheanon don’t think any of them are good enough to hurl county at the top level, and might be a bit late in the day for him. Must be pushing towards 30 at this stage.


Yes Dublin born and playing under parentage rule like all the judes lads for Mayo.


Lostcause is right about the Sheanons, Dublin born, but the Waldrons are 100% culchie, a mixture of Derry and Kilkenny as far as I remember.


Sorry Waldron are from freshford, both teachers I think.


Yep, that’s where they grew up but one of the parents is from Derry, hence why they play with the Oakleaf.